: Content Strategist - Contractor
200 Portland St
Boston, MA 02114


Us in a nutshell

Born out of Boston Children’s Hospital, Mightier is a biofeedback game platform that teaches kids emotion calming skills through play. Kids wear a Mighty Band heart rate monitor while playing a library of  biofeedback games and must regulate their heart rate to win. The games empower kids to practice self-calming skills that transfer to real-life situations. Additionally, the Mightier program supports parents with expert coaching. Three clinical trials with children with ADHD (ages 7-17) showed reduced oppositional behaviors, aggression, and family stress in just 12 weeks.  We launched our first product in July 2017, reached over 3,000 families, and raised $9M from top venture capital and angel investors. Our mission is to empower millions of kids to become Mightier than their emotions.

Why is this role important?

We believe the best way to solve the access, stigma, and engagement problems in mental health is to give families direct access to an empowering, proven program. There are >20M+ kids struggling with ADHD and anxiety and millions more who could benefit from learning self-regulation to help them thrive in life.

Mightier is a company that brings together a wide range of experts all focused on helping kids. At our disposal we have content creators and thought leaders in areas like gaming, science & academia, and the clinical world. We are looking for someone to help weave these perspectives together in a way that will bring Mightier’s brand and mission to the external world.

Key project details:

  • Lead a full content audit to uncover strengths and gaps

  • Establish a content calendar and new workflow to streamline production

  • Build a system for distribution of content across all marketing channels (social, email, SEO, etc)

  • Collaborate with Growth team to deliver on SEO wins 


What we’re looking for:

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

  • Highly organized and detail-oriented 

  • Background in generating consumer content strategy

  • History of building content systems from the ground up

  • Familiarity with basic SEO strategies and a deep understanding of the intersection between content marketing and SEO

  • Track record of building up brand social media presences

  • Comfortable with Wordpress and Google Analytics systems


Interested? Email resume to: [email protected]