The Predictive Index: Video Production Intern
101 Station Drive
Westwood, MA 02090

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The Predictive Indexthe talent optimization leaderis an award-winning best place to work (Inc., Glassdoor, Boston Business Journal, The Boston Globe).

Our mission is Better work, better world," and we take great pride in PIs power to supercharge workplace relationships and culture to achieve the unthinkable. Were our own best case study! Youll be working toward a mission that inspires you, and youll be surrounded by fun, smart, driven people day in and day out.


Were searching for a video producer, and the opportunity is absolutely enormous. We've just started to focus a lot on video as a marketing department, and we're ramping up our efforts in 2020. We're in the middle of launching a podcast, multiple long- and short-form video series, consistent promotional videos, and filmed interviews with experts. We'll need your ideas and drive to make each of these things bigger and better.

You'll be working on our 18-person (and growing) marketing team. You'll be reporting to our senior video producer, who has a soft spot for Northeastern co-ops since he was one himself! (See his story here.) There will be big expectations for you in this role, and the work is viewed as mission-critical, but well give you a large degree of freedom and autonomy.

The company needs someone who takes initiative and isn't afraid to take risks. One of our core values is action; we believe that errors of action are better than errors of inaction, and the person in this role must embody that perspective at a deep level. We move and make decisions very quickly at this company, so you should also be comfortable with that.

We are looking to you to help brainstorm ways to improve our current content, produce/shoot/edit videos, write for the blog, and take photos of partners, employees, and office spaces.


  • Video production (your day-to-day will vary greatly)
    • Writing scripts
    • Setting up equipment
    • Working camera or audio
    • Editing videos
  • Photography
  • Writing and editing
  • Contributing to other miscellaneous marketing initiatives


Please dont be shy! Were hoping you have at least some of the below skills/traits, but we also know this is a learning process.

  • Video editing
    • Must have a basic-intermediate understanding of editing in Premiere Pro
    • A basic understanding of Adobe Illustrator will help (thumbnails, resizing logos, etc.)
    • Organized file management
  • Video production
    • Proper exposure, framing, setting up multi-cam shoots, etc.
    • Monitoring and adjusting audio levels, proper placement of microphones, etc.
    • Storing and taking care of equipment
  • Portrait photography
  • Writing compelling copy


  • Demonstrated record of taking initiative
  • Ability to collaborate and work well with others, and make people feel comfortable on camera
  • A natural leaning toward being creative
  • A desire to master new skills
  • A genuine desire to get feedback from others
  • People most qualified for this role will be:
    • Honest - we trust each other to take accountability
    • Cross-functional - at PI, we work as a team!
    • Smart - learn our systems and our industry quickly
    • Energetic - we have a vibrant team, energy is required
    • Hard-working - we are growing; you MUST be willing to roll up your sleeves
    • Fun - because we work hard, we have lots of opportunities to unwind

We know you will love it! If you possess the experience and traits mentioned above, PI could be a great place to get some absolutely amazing career experience (and maybe even a future job) under your belt.

If interested in the role, send any video samples to Connor Lewis at and convince him you're the best candidate for the job.

The Predictive Index is an equal opportunity employer.