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Vice President, Engineering

120 Brookline Ave
Boston, MA 02215

At PathAI, we're applying Computer Vision, Machine Learning and AI in amazing ways to pathology, healthcare, and detecting cancer and other diseases. We're applying our work to drug development, the clinical space, and as a global health initiative. Since it's early days for us, there's a lot of work to do and a lot of great product to build, and a well-engineered experience is critical to the success of everything we aspire to do.

As Vice President of Engineering, you'll continue to grow our team as we take the company to the next level. You'll act as the leader of our growing team of engineers, including front-end, back-end, and platform.

If you're the right candidate, you'll be exercising all the skills you have and building new ones along the way:

  • Lead a growing team of engineers across multiple product initiatives and disciplines, front-end, back-end, and platform, and scale them to support our explosive growth and broader ambitions.
  • Coordinate closely with company leadership to ensure engineering initiatives have the resources they need to achieve broader company goals.
  • Zoom in and out frequently, spending your time and energy at the highest points of leverage, whether they are high-level corporate challenges or detailed technical discussions.
  • Drive and uphold high engineering standards, staying well-versed in best practices for engineering management.
  • Oversee and accelerate all engineering hiring, bringing in the best talent to tackle the challenges we are facing, in line with PathAI's core values.
  • Develop an understanding of relevant regulatory and compliance requirements (eg. FDA medical devices, ISO 27001, HIPAA, GDPR) and help build and curate a strong engineering culture that embraces these without creating unnecessary friction.
  • Fostering an engineering culture consistent with the core values of PathAI, with a strong emphasis on transparency and collaboration.

Our employees' skills come in all shapes and sizes, but to be successful in this role with us, you'll at least need:

  • Ample management and leadership experience. Whether managing up or managing down, you understand the human element of leading a top engineering organization and helping it succeed alongside its peer teams. You've successfully led teams of 50+ engineers.
  • Growth-stage experience. You've been through the process of ramping up a team before, and understand how to build the tools, processes, and personnel needed to scale.
  • Strong core knowledge, especially relating to cloud-based platforms and web-based applications.
  • A demonstrated ability to attract, recruit, and retain top technical talent and leadership.
  • Excellent communication skills and empathy for different internal and external stakeholders, with the ability to balance conflicting needs from different teams and work well with leaders and contributors from other disciplines.
  • An insatiable curiosity, with the ability to learn quickly in a complex space.
Category: Software Engineering/QA

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