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Are you passionate about understanding user needs and translating that knowledge into a working product? We‘re looking for an experienced user researcher to help shape and execute a strong vision for LogMeIn, working across products in the growing business of Unified Communication and Collaboration.

The UX Researcher will be responsible for understanding and advocating for current and future users while keeping business needs in mind. You will conduct exploratory, generative, and evaluative research in order to understand what current and future users want and need, and how we can create products that our users will love. You’ll work closely with a team of highly talented product managers, designers, and engineers who appreciate user experience and want to build the best products in the market.


  • Build relationships with end users that reveal deep insights about how they work and live
  • Be bold about going off-script to uncover new themes/areas of interest that are relevant to the product vision and strategy
  • Engage various LogMeIn stakeholders and apply structure to organize their questions into a comprehensive research roadmap and set of test plans
  • Utilize a variety of research methods; you should be experienced with ethnographic and observational methods as well as usability testing and other approaches (benchmarking, competitive analyses, diary studies, remote testing, etc.)
  • Manage and recruit study participants (including screener creation, oversight of third party recruiters, and working directly with customers)
  • Conduct and moderate (both in-person and remote) a variety of methods and activities
  • Identify an appropriate communication and reporting format for all data and insights
  • Translate research insights into key UX deliverables such as personas, journey maps or day-in-the-life-of maps, as well as developing your own creative reporting techniques
  • Analyze and summarize a large amount of data and present key insights to others in a clear, brief, and persuasive way
  • Work collaboratively with product teams to translate user needs into product features and improvements
  • Managing a repository of research insights
  • Ability to scrutinize and elevate existing UX research practices
  • Able to effectively make use of photo, video, and other media formats to create visually impactful research materials


  • 3+ years UX research experience
  • Excellent observation and people-interaction skills
  • Very strong oral and written communication skills
  • Excellent knowledge of research best practices and approaches: interest in being challenged by new ways of doing research, and vetting whether new approaches can be brought to LogMeIn
  • (Nice to have) M. A./M. S./Ph. D. (in progress or completed) in Communications, Cognitive Psychology, HCI/Computer Science, Sociology, Anthropology, or other fields emphasizing human behavior

Why We Work Here

Claire Bergen
Senior Associate Counsel

LogMeIn provides a unique corporate culture that fosters a friendly and personal atmosphere while presenting its employees with a professionally challenging and intellectually stimulating day-to-day experience. Over the past four years, working here has given me so many opportunities to collaborate with creative, energetic and interesting people in the legal and tech communities; it’s been a greatly fulfilling period in my career.

Karla Lemos
Senior User Services Representative

What I love most about LogMeIn is that they take the time to develop my skills and knowledge to advance my career within the company. LogMeIn truly values people on a personal level, creating an environment where you don't want to leave.

Mike Kirk
Account Executive

I love working at LogMeIn because of the work-life flexibility, as well as the accessibility to resources to foster career growth