: UX Lead
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Employee Testimonials


Vistaprints Customer Experience and Marketing organization serves, inspires and delights customers and helps others in our organization do the same. From the simplest interaction on our website to how people take in our advertising and communications, we are obsessed with delivering value. We know our customers needs and we strive to exceed their expectations. Touching every element of the business, were here to grow and build the Vistaprint brand, reach new audiences and offer the best possible experience for every customer.

To say this is an exciting time to be at Vistaprint is an understatement. We are on a path to redefine ourselves to not only become an iconic brand but to also elevate our offering to achieve partner-like status with our customers. Today, we support 17 million small business customers. We also serve the print needs of home and family customers across weddings, invitations, holiday cards, and photo gifts. Just in this capacity we have a tremendous opportunity to build compelling and magnificent experiences in service of those print needs, but we are not going to stop there. We know we have the opportunity to do so much more on their behalf and at the core of that offering will be the digital experiences supported by the Vistaprint Customer Experiences teams.

Vistaprint seeks an Experience Designer who is an advocate for users, brings marketplace trends and can identify standard methodologies. Youll focus on crafting strategies and design solutions starting from a clear understanding of markets, business and enabling technologies, as well as a profound, insightful immersion into consumer approaches, needs and latent expectations. Youll collaborate with teams across all fields to help define interactions that occur at any dimension and scale: from single products or service touch-points, to large, sophisticated services. Together, you cultivate an environment of strong emotional intelligence for the human condition, critical thinking, eye for business, and love for solving the most important problems through experience building. We are looking for someone who has the ability to learn fast and develop points of view for a constantly evolving product and service development landscape.

What You Will Do:

  • Collaborate with product managers, engineers, product marketing specialists, user researchers, and analytics specialists to build cohesive end-to-end experiences for Vistaprints properties
  • Understand and solve sophisticated business and functional problems for digital users by crafting outstanding experiences
  • Commit to understanding and loving our customers working closely with our research team on identifying research needs and translating customer insights into tangible design solutions
  • Work through the process of building and defining personas, customer user journeys, process flows, storyboards, wireframes, high-fidelity designs, and prototypes.
  • Work in Figma (and prototyping tools of your choice) to deliver sophisticated and simple solutions for web, mobile, and beyond
  • Bring your experienced opinion on best-practice digital UI patterns and trends, and effectively communicating design rationale throughout the project to your team.
  • Collaborate on Design Thinking workshops with teams and target end users.
  • Be a driver of the design process, collaborate on external and internal team decisions, supervise risks and issues in order to drive successful results.

Your Qualifications and skills:

  • 5+ years of experience as a UX Designer. Digital creative agency experience preferred.
  • Experience and desire to solve sophisticated product design problems and the strategy skills to deliver outstanding solutions
  • Experienced conceptual thinking and creative execution in visual and interaction design.
  • Ability to synthesize and present findings, and eloquent design rationale
  • Customer obsession oriented and willingness to iterate design solutions based on customer insights
  • Balance between understanding UX standard methodologies and seeking opportunities to create new and fresh solutions that deliver on user needs
  • Ability to work collaboratively with a multi-disciplinary team to maintain and evolve Vistaprints broader design systems, you should also be able to produce spectacular work whilst collaborating at all levels.
  • Strong project and people leadership skills. A proven track record of functioning as a project leader as well as an individual contributor.
  • Experience working with, and knowledge of capabilities and limitations of digital technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS as well as native mobile software.
  • Proficiency with Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, InVision, Axure and other emerging design tools.

Why Youll Love Working Here:

At Cimpress, we put great importance on the wellbeing of our employees, which is why we offer perks that ensure a great work/life balance. Perks include work from home capabilities and very flexible time-off opportunities, including our outstanding Vistabreak to name a few. Benefits vary per location and our space offers a modern and collaborate office environment.

About Us:

As an e-commerce powerhouse, Vistaprint is a dynamic organization that maintains an exciting, entrepreneurial culture. With founder Robert Keanes return as CEO, weve renewed our focus on empowering and helping small businesses. To do this, we create customer value (and delight) through accessible, cutting-edge technology. We thrive on providing opportunities for exploration, collaboration, innovation and growth for both our customers and our team.

Equal Opportunity Employer:

Vistaprint, a Cimpress company, is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer. All qualified candidates will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, sex, national or ethnic origin, nationality, age, religion, citizenship, disability, medical condition, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender presentation, legal or preferred name, marital status, pregnancy, family structure, veteran status or any other basis protected by human rights laws or regulations. This list is not exhaustive and, in fact, in many cases, we strive to do more than the law requires.


Employee Testimonials

Adam Lawless
North American Public Relations Lead

I’ve worked in a variety of environments throughout my career and I’ve always been told that having work-life balance was a priority. Not until coming to Vistaprint have I seen this ideology followed through on and put into practice so effectively and passionately with ample paid time off and work-from-home opportunities. I see Vistaprint as an extended family, but we never forget that each team member has a life and family outside that needs as much attention and care. I look forward to coming to work each and every morning. But more importantly, I know that when I’m needed at home, I’m able to put my full attention where it’s needed.”

Andrew Holmes
Sr. Analyst

Vistaprint has a culture that allows me to feel psychologically safe to communicate honestly, I am enabled to share and receive feedback early and often. With regular touch bases with my manager, I can control my development, finding opportunities to take on projects that challenge me to work on areas of improvement or/and showcasing my strengths.

Sebastian Klapdor
Chief Data Officer

What stands out to me the most about Vistaprint is the culture of entrepreneurship, collaboration and putting the customer first. It feels like a $1.5bn startup with quick decision making, a fail-fast approach and agile teams that can pivot when something doesn’t work out. 

Veronica McCarthy
VP, Technology

Vistaprint is going through a transformation, and we are using technology in new and unique ways to deliver jaw-dropping value for our customers. The work of the technology team is the engine that is driving Vistaprint’s success now and into the future as we build and maintain flexible, scalable cloud-based microservices architecture using APIs. Our tribe and squad structure gives the technology teams autonomy to determine their own roadmaps and how they will achieve their goals using innovative strategies.  We work backwards from customer outcomes and experiences to drive our roadmaps. We are a community of builders creating the next generation of ecommerce in mass customization a reality.