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UX Designer

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Boston, MA 02111

Lovepop is on a mission to create one billion magical moments and the best place in the world for hungry, creative problem-solvers. We are looking for a Senior UX Designer to discover, design, validate, and test Lovepops digital and physical products for our Consumer team. You will work closely with product and engineering teams to bring to life new products and features that our customers use and buy. Youll be ready to go above and beyond to raise the Awesome Bar to make it easier for our customers to give and receive magical moments!

What you'll do here:

  • Partner with our Consumer team focusing on our free and paid website features ensuring our users know how to easily use them and are willing to pay for them
  • Collaborate with our CRO (conversion rate optimization) team to ensure were actively improving our product as we scale
  • Work with other talented UX and UI designers to vet the best ideas to test and eventually release to our customers
  • Join forces with product managers to ensure were building the right roadmaps and directing the design and engineering team down the right paths
  • Work closely with the engineering teams ensuring that every product feature we release abides by best UX practices and will be magical for our customers
  • Work with our physical product teams to understand and help evaluate improvements we can make through the entire user journey from buy, to receiving, to reciprocating the buying cycle
  • Work with our customer insights team to validate and test all hypotheses that you have to achieve the best results for our products
  • Help prioritize the UX teams work based on UX impact, business value, and engineering constraints

What you'll bring to the table:

  • 2-5 years of professional experience in the UX field
  • Experience in UX design, user journeys/flow, and interaction design
  • Experience translating business requirements into concisely designed solutions through wireframing and visual design
  • Effortlessly able to draw and sketch design ideas and can gracefully defend your reasoning and test your hypotheses to prove which direction the teams should move in
  • Past professional experience leading user interviews, usability testing, and building objective surveys to gain the right insights from our customers
  • Impeccable communication skills: you are not afraid to engage in healthy conflict, speak your mind, back up your opinions on facts, and are always open to dropping your stance if someone elses idea is better than yours
  • Ability to put design systems in place that help our UX and product team scale effectively
  • Solution thinking: youre always coming up with ideas. Instead of saying Uh oh. you say Lets go!. You always do your due diligence to think through problems critically before asking for help
  • Egolessness: always doing whats right for our customer despite your personal preferences

You'll be great if you:

  • Have past experience with UI/visual design to complement your expert UX design skills
  • Have past experience working with physical products and manufacturing/production teams
  • Have previous startup experience and are willing to passionately wear a lot of hats to get the job done

Upon applying, please submit a link to your portfolio of work for us to review. Thanks!

Category: Product Management

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