: Systems Engineer
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Employee Testimonials



Mission Summary:

An overview of the role. Include the primary duties and applicable skills and knowledge that will be learned.

The System Engineering Organization is a high performing, multi-disciplined group, home to the technical leaders on every product in the organization.

The Systems Engineering team is recognized in R&D as a critical team in achieving technical success and on time execution of new product development.

System Engineering team mission is to guide iRobots development of robotic systems, platforms, modules, and technologies by guiding the interdisciplinary program teams through technical trades, risk focused activities, performance validation test development, and launch.

What You Will Do :

iRobot is seeking a staff Systems Engineer with experience in new product development of complex systems. As a systems engineer on a consumer robot development team, you will work with the technical team to ensure that the integrated performance of the product meets or exceeds the needs and expectation of the customer. An essential part of your role is to be a member of cross functional teams in developing and executing against system and subsystem architectures, requirements, design, execution, and validation. You will leverage your skills and knowledge to evaluate tradeoffs and recommendations on the best technical path forward. You will work with the program system engineers in translating the voice of the customer, requirements development, theory of operation, trade studies, pragmatic risk management, integration, trouble shooting and test. You will work at the intersection of hardware and software in a dynamic team atmosphere; balancing customer needs and technical trades.

To Be Successful You Will Have:

The ideal candidate will have a working knowledge of the technologies and subsystems that make up a mobile, navigating, connected robot. You have technical depth in one or more of the core disciplines (software, mechanical, electrical) and working knowledge of the other two. For technologies that are new to you, you have the skills and willingness to ramp up through independent self-teaching and/or engagement with Subject Matter Experts. You are comfortable and capable of communicating within all technical disciplines, especially those of which you do not hold significant depth of knowledge.


  • Broad technical knowledge including many of the following topics: Embedded systems, hardware - software interactions and dependencies, interfaces, optical sensors, Wi-Fi, navigation, power systems and motion control
  • Proven, skilled leadership of cross functional teams
  • Experience (2+ years) in new, high volume consumer product development
  • BS in one of the core disciplines (Electrical, Mechanical, Software) and a solid working knowledge of the other two
  • MS preferred
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Ability to work independently
  • Ability to clearly and concisely communicate complex technical concepts
  • Strong problem-solving skills and ability to learn quickly
  • Demonstrated systems thinking
  • Excellent verbal and written communications skills

Additional Qualifications and experience of the ideal Candidate:

  • Robotics
  • Software programming
  • Knowledge of software architectures
  • Embedded systems
  • APEC manufacturing

In Return You Can Expect :

iRobot is a highly technical environment that moves extremely fast and the Systems Engineering team is a driving force to that. The team is integrated as the technical leaders across all our research and development programs; requiring us to make connections with all areas of product development from understanding the voice of the customer to deciding on technical trades during development and ensuring production testing criteria are proper and sufficient to deliver quality products to our customers. There is a strong sense of team and family within the department, and throughout iRobot, which makes for a fun and rewarding experience every day.


Employee Testimonials

Danielle Dean
Technical Director of Machine Learning

"I love how much iRobot emphasizes learning, risk-taking, and innovation, and gives me the opportunity to work with different people."

Eva Moscat
Manager, Software Engineering

"Every day I feel challenged – whether it’s technical problem solving, or getting my team up to speed on a new project and making sure they are happy, motivated, and developing in their careers."

Emiko Komori
Corporate Counsel

"Collaborating with people who are very passionate and dedicated to building products that bring joy and ‘wow!’ to customers is my favorite part of my job."

Brandon Rohrer
Principal Data Scientist

"iRobot is a wonderland for a data scientist. Our data helps us enhance our customers’ experiences by better understanding their needs and delivering new solutions to exceed their expectations."

Victoria Liceaga
Manager, Product Marketing

"The Global Marketing group is dynamic and lively. We are always moving fast to plan for new products, execute seasonal campaigns, and pivot based on changes in the market. We are so fortunate to be marketing products that our customers love as much as we do and that add real value to their lives."

Eric Burbank
Principal Mechanical Engineer

"The hardware engineering group at iRobot is incredibly innovative and fun to work with. We have a full range of engineers with many diversified talents. Everyone is incredibly willing to share their expertise and help out on challenges."

Evn Tomeny
Manager of Enterprise Collaboration

"The collaborative nature of the team is refreshing. Everyone works together to find interesting solutions to complicated problems, and contributions are appreciated from anywhere. Because of the diverse set of backgrounds and experiences, you’ll often find answers where you least expect them!"

Michelle Gattuso
VP Portfolio & Digital Product Management

"iRoboteers know that their contributions matter. They are always doing what they can to make things better and deliver great products that customers will love. We know we’ve had a hand in changing the world and it shows in our drive and determination to keep moving forward."

Lauren Stern
Principal Design Researcher

"Our team is unique because we have so many disciplines within the Design department. Owning and using a robot is a multi-faceted experience, and we all work together to create that experience for our users. The cross-discipline collaboration is really special. It’s a group of funny, enthusiastic, creative, kind people."

Sushmita Bawari
Director, Strategic Sourcing

"It’s great to have the opportunity to manage a global team and work with suppliers from all around the world. It really helps you appreciate how inter-connected everything is."