: Staff Engineer - ML Platform

Staff Engineer - ML Plats

The Team

Machine Learning Platforms team builds software to democratize data science across all of Wayfair by simplifying the end-to-end workflow for building, deploying and maintaining machine learning applications at scale, as well as managing the underlying data. Providing leverage and speed to market for data scientists and their stakeholders. We act as an internal SaaS platform where our customers are other engineering and data science teams. The current set of platforms span a wide range of machine learning use-cases such as model and dataset storage, input feature management and spinning up scalable model prediction microservices. As we grow we are going to tackle the rest of the data science problem space including support for training, reinforcement learning models, online learning and many others.

What Youll Do:

  • Use Python to build systems with a large machine learning component¬†
  • Utilize Java/Scala for big data and high throughput services
  • Work on services are running in Docker containers on top of Kubernetes
  • Utilize frameworks such as Apache Spark, Storm and Kafka as part of our infrastructure
  • Balance the adoption of new technologies to fill a need with a pragmatic focus that allows us to be extremely effective at delivering massive value to the business in a timely manner

What You'll Need

  • Experience as a full lifecycle software engineer and deep understanding of a modern programming language (such as Python, Java, C#, Scala, GO, or others)
  • Experience developing and designing scalable systems
  • Deep understanding and experience of object oriented design and design patterns
  • Proponent of clean code and best practices
  • Proficient in cross-functional consensus building and influencing without authority