: Staff Engineer- Demand Forecasting

The Algorithms team at Wayfair creates decision frameworks, data artifacts and tools to effectively guide business strategies and decision-making across Wayfair. These algorithms leverage best-in-class approaches across machine learning, economics and statistics to drive high business impact. We are hiring a senior software engineer in Demand Forecasting whose mission is to  drive efficient trade-offs between product availability, delivery speed and operating cost to make effective supply chain decisions across Wayfair and its suppliers. 

The Demand Forecasting (DF) team is looking for a Staff Software Engineer (L4-IC technical track) to lead the development of new applications and services to drive these efficient business trade-offs. 

The ideal candidate for this role is an expert in software systems development with expert level knowledge of architecting and building horizontally scalable systems preferably for high speed and high volume data.

This role includes:

- Architecting and writing robust, well tested code for major team initiatives. 

- Owning work through to successful release, including automated testing, monitoring, deployment, and proactive troubleshooting.

- Working on a team with cross-functional/cross-platform scope, including data scientists, product managers, product associates, and analytics.

- Collaborating with Engineering Leaders that span multiple sprint lines to create and update project plans, coordinate efforts and resources on projects, as necessary.

- Creating a culture of collaboration with key stakeholders and service providers. Assists in keeping the teams knowledge of our technology landscape current

- Leading development of new applications and services using technologies such as Python, Spark, Hadoop, deep learning frameworks such as Pytorch, messaging systems like Kafka, and in-memory cache/search technologies like Aerospike and Solr.

- Containerized development using Docker, deployed to Kubernetes within a hybrid of both on-prem (WF's datacenters) and cloud (GCP/Google Cloud Platform).

- Educate, mentor, and support the junior developers on the team