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Sr. Technical Recruiter

222 Berkeley St., 6th Floor
Boston, MA 02116

Come help us build Boston's next pillar company!

After 30 Days, you have...

Begin to build relationships with all Drift employees and stakeholders here at Drift
Get a feel for the culture and understand the type of employee we hire
Meet with all Stakeholders to understand requirements for each role you're hiring for here
Start to kick off sourcing and build a pipeline for all job reqs (personal emails and Linkedin messages)
Begin to be able to navigate your way around Greenhouse and all systems used here at Drift
Learn how to define your 'Pitch of Drift' to candidates - this is crucial for passive candidates
Prepare interview teams and hiring managers for interviews (Pre/Interview/Post) and effectively share information across the team.
Make every candidate experience a meaningful human experience.

After 60 Days, you have...

Begin to feel extremely comfortable answering all questions regarding Drift
Feel comfortable running the full recruiting lifecycle (Pre/Interview/Post)
Start to create, implement, and continuously improve recruiting, sourcing, and employer branding initiatives.
Work with business leaders to find out the right profiles for Drift's openings - Go through current team to find what traits = success
Help drive up referrals (Begin to sit down and go through employees linkedin's with them) - we should push to have 35%+ of all hires from referrals.
Organize an event here at Drift (75 professional to attend)

After 90 Days, you have...

Serve as a cultural ambassador of Drift both internally and externally.
Start to feel comfortable giving advise to hiring managers & Stakeholders
Scale and execute an end-to-end recruitment process to varied positions, using all necessary tools and tricks.
Track and report on key recruiting metrics.
Consistently hit your hiring number and begin to improve on your hit ratio (Candidate interviewed to offer)
Understand how recruitment ties into the business and influences its success through hiring candidates into roles in which they will be most effective and have the greatest impact.
Build strong relationships, owning the candidate experience and actively work with your hiring managers to get the people and culture side of the business right.

Category: Corporate Functions

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