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Sr. Scientist/ Scientist- Analytics

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Analytics/Bioinformatics Scientist/Sr. Scientist

We are excited to announce that we are growing our team and are looking for a highly motivated Scientist or Sr Scientist to join the Biocomputing/Analytics group at PatientsLikeMe and iCarbonX. Our team is in in the extraordinary position to be building a massive health data set, as we are adding longitudinal multiple-modality -omics data to our unique patient-reported health data. The Biocomputing and Analytics group is heavily involved in laying the foundation of this project and a successful candidate will have the opportunity to have a significant impact on the development of this program. The multi-disciplinary nature of the project and extensive systems biology experience of the group in academia and pharma also affords great opportunity for a candidates growth and development. Under supervision of the Analytics team Director, the candidate will:

  • Establish/improve multi-omics cloud-based analysis pipelines, including genomics,
  • transcriptomics, metabolomics, proteomics, DNA methylomics, and potentially other
  • modalities
  • Perform statistical analyses, summarizations, and syntheses of data
  • Help evaluate the best parameters for biological and clinical analyses
  • Identify strategies and algorithms to more effectively use multi-platform data to extract
  • every bit of useful information
  • Communicate results in a clear, concise, and effective manner using various statistical
  • metrics and visualizations
  • Work closely with multiple other teams including engineering, knowledge management,
  • translational, and computational biologists

The ideal candidate will have many of these qualifications:

  • Education: Masters or PhD in a related field (e.g., bioinformatics, mathematics, statistics, bioengineering, computer science) and professional experience with the skills included below, or Bachelors with commensurate experience
  • Have experience developing and maintaining -omics pipelines in a variety of languages
  • Have familiarity with statistical analysis of complex data, preferably in the biological
  • sciences
  • Be proficient in at least some of: Python/Ruby, R/Julia/MATLAB/Mathematica,
  • Java/Scala/Groovy, bash/zsh, nextflow/cwl/toil and be comfortable working in
  • languages that are not your primary
  • Have at least a general understanding of machine learning concepts
  • Have some familiarity with biology/genomics/systems biology/immunology
  • Know how to work with databases of various types (postgres, mysql, mongo, etc)
  • Have awareness of data warehouses, data lakes, and other Big DataTM concepts
  • Have spent significant time data wrangling
  • Know how to interface with [restful/graphql] APIs
  • Have used AWS/Google Cloud/Azure to perform project-critical tasks
  • Be able to communicate effectively to colleagues of various backgrounds, skill sets, and educational experience
  • Have a heartfelt appreciation of science and a respect for the use of data to identify the closest approximation of truth
  • Have the cognitive dissonance of a desire to get the most correct answer possible while acknowledging the business need for rapid iteration and the inherent imperfection that requires
  • Be eager to find effective solutions, to design, implement, and document them
  • Be comfortable working as part of a team in a highly dynamic environment
  • Be comfortable being asked to work in areas outside of their expertise
  • Have empathy for consumers of information which generates a desire to produce effective displays/visualizations/presentations of complicated data

Must be local to our Cambridge office, or willing to relocate.


In January 2017, we formed the Digital Life Alliance that includes the companiesiCarbonX, PatientsLikeMe, and HealthTell. Our vision is to fundamentally transform the healthcare & wellness of individuals & communities by unlocking the power of deep & dynamic digitization of biological information. By combining multi-omics biological data, smart device biophysical data and patients phenotypic data with artificial intelligence,wewill enable a real-time, deep assessment on ones health and wellness, and deliver a personalized guide and range of products to help people live a healthy, longer life. To achieve our vision, we are developing state of the art multi-omics technology platforms to digitalize biological data and apply insights gained from the process into development of medical and wellness products.

PatientsLikeMeis an equal opportunity employer.

Category: Data Science / Machine Learning

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