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Software Engineering Architect

60 State Street, Suite 800
Boston, MA 02109

Architects at Pluralsight work closely with our Lead Architect and business leaders, creating and innovating on amazing user experiences, while ensuring that our system will scale to meet the needs of our customers around the world. You will be responsible for guiding Pluralsight Business Units, working to create clean internal architectures within their collection of products, as well as integrating those products with the rest of the system.

As one of the caretakers of a distributed system, you will be responsible for both the global complexity of the system, and for guiding the development of Business Unit components.

You will be expected to partner with our Practices organization to communicate architectural principles, design patterns, and lessons learned, within Business Units and across the company.

Who you are:

  • You are a systems thinker who understands that all technology choices involve trade offs and you can often argue for either side of a tough decision

  • You are decisive, but open to changing your mind when new information becomes available

  • You are a skilled software developer who regularly thinks about problems from multiple levels of abstraction

  • You are knowledgeable about software, systems, integration and people organization patterns and you feel confident applying them as appropriate in solution designs

  • You are an avid learner and are great at sharing what you’re learning

What you’ll own:

  • You will be responsible for working with our Lead Architect and business unit leaders to ensure components of the system are built in alignment with the Pluralsight architecture and according to Pluralsight standards.

  • You will often be called on to provide application architecture guidance, especially during project start up.

  • You will work with the architecture team to develop and communicate a holistic architectural vision.

  • You will be responsible assisting business units with product-level architectural designs that enable them to meet their objectives.

  • Additionally, you will work with the Lead Architect to identify short and long term systemic risks.

Experience you’ll need:

  • 10+ years of experience developing, deploying and running software applications in multiple environments with a focus on web applications at scale

  • Able to work daily in our Boston, MA office.

Category: Software Engineering/QA

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