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Software Engineer II - Insight Connect

100 Summer St
Boston, MA 02110

Job Description

At Rapid7, youll join a world class team of thinkers and problem solvers who prioritize individual growth and team collaboration over ego and attitude, while building products that solve the worlds toughest security challenges.

Youll deliver the future of the Insight Connect product, an originator and innovator in the SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation, and Remediation) space, working closely with other engineers, UX designers, and product owners. Youll participate in every aspect of product development from design and planning, through implementation and testing, to deployment and support.

What you will do

Youll be involved at the ground level in building up our backend services and apis, as well as help us to maintain and build UI components that allow customers to build, test, and rely upon our automation platform to make their jobs easier and more effective. Youll help design, plan, and implement these features alongside your peers in small teams, and be part of a larger team working together to support our platform.

Successful candidates arent just good at writing code, but have a demonstrated focus on solving customer problems. You should love being challenged by your work, with a desire to ship and iterate on features, as well as an emphasis on collaboration, communication, and growth. Our entire team (Dev, UX, Product, Support, Sales) works together closely to ensure the success of our product, and were looking for someone who revels in exposure to the entire process of how software is built, shipped, sold, and supported.

We value attitude and willingness to learn over ego and experience, and want someone who is looking to grow with the team as we continue to grow our product.

Our Stack

  • Go
  • React 16
  • Postgres
  • Redis
  • Docker + Kubernetes
  • Terraform
  • AWS

You need to be...

  • Focused on shipping solutions to problems, not just code
  • Experienced to some degree in writing backend code and using relevant technologies (were flexible, and we can mentor you in our stack)
  • Unafraid of reading, writing, and maintaining SQL, and arent afraid to grow that skillset
  • Able to help distill product requirements into technical ones, including to organize and plan epics, and help others understand the priorities and needs of that work
  • Someone with a grab a shovel attitude, where youre excited to dig in and get your hands dirty working with your peers.
  • Willing to learn, and willing to teach. Everyone brings something new to the team, and we want to learn from you as much as we want to grow you as an engineer and a team member.
  • Someone with around 4 or more years of experience that encompasses the above. Were flexible, and are looking for the right candidate - not just someone who hits a number.

It would be great if you...

  • Are familiar with Linux based operating systems and tooling
  • Know your way around a modern JavaScript frameworks (e.g., React, Vue, Angular)
  • Have used with Go and Docker, and maybe even Kubernetes
  • Have some general AWS / Azure /GCP experience
  • Know how to read (or even write) Python
  • Are interested in the Ops side of the world (stability work, Terraform, etc)
Category: Product Management

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