Luminoso: Software Engineer - Full-stack, emphasis on front-end

The initial focus for this position will be for the Daylight product, our natural language understanding application that enables business decision-makers to understand and act on the voice of the customer.

Luminoso is seeking an engineer to join the Daylight development team. Our software has some powerful natural language processing and machine learning science at its core, and we're currently focusing on building out a richer feature set that will make this science more easily accessible to our users. Projects you might work on include building rich data visualization tools for our UI and improving our tools for managing users and permissions.

This is a full-stack position, but we're especially looking for stronger expertise in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS than we have right now.


  • Write clean, well-tested JavaScript code

  • Effectively implement designs in HTML and CSS

  • Contribute to our Python 3 back-end codebase

  • Work with business stakeholders to identify and refine new features

  • Incrementally improve the architecture of the Analytics application through refactoring and design discussions with the team

  • Help everyone on the team improve continuously through code review, retrospectives, and mentoring


  • You get excited about going into gnarly old code to make it easier to work with

  • You're a self-directed learner and enjoy finding your way around new tools and environments

  • You enjoy collaborating, communicating and sharing your knowledge with others

  • Any experience with test driven development, refactoring, and extreme programming (XP) will really set you apart!


We expect anyone we hire for this position to be comfortable developing a JavaScript application in the React framework. Beyond that, there are no hard requirements for technology you have to know -- we're happy to have you learn as you go -- but if you're curious about the environment you'll be working in, some of the key tools we use are listed below:

  • JavaScript

  • React

  • HTML

  • CSS

  • D3.js

  • Knockout

  • Python 3 

  • Flask

  • NumPy/SciPy

  • Redis

  • Git

  • Jenkins

  • Puppet

  • Docker

  • Linux