iZotope: Software Engineer
60 Hampshire Street
Cambridge, MA 02139

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iZotope is seeking a Software Engineer for a position on our Spire product development team, creating the next-generation recording studio. You’ll be joining a cross-functional product team, responsible for the software running on the Spire Studio hardware device and our iOS/Android Spire applications. This role will be focused on general product feature development, touching all parts of the code on all of our platforms. This is an exciting opportunity for someone who wants to expand their current skills and learn about development on different platforms with a variety of programming languages.
The Spire software team is highly collaborative with a passion for high-quality code. We propose changes and solve problems together in whiteboard design sessions, give and receive feedback in detailed code reviews, and discuss testing details with our QA team. We are passionate about learning how to improve our craft, discussing ways to write better code, and always striving to become the most effective team we can be.
What drives our work and decisions is our customers. Our goal is to allow users to create audio they are proud of, even without extensive audio production knowledge. We believe that everyone on the team should understand why we are building a feature or improving the user experience. Besides designing and writing code, expect to learn about our users to help us make informed decisions every day. You don’t need to be knowledgeable about audio production, but a passion to help our users is a must.
At iZotope you'll find an employee-focused work environment with flexible hours, great 401(k) and insurance plans, and a fully-functioning recording studio that you can use after hours!
What you’ll be doing:
  • Collaborate with other engineers on the Spire software and hardware development teams to implement new features and fix bugs across the entire Spire ecosystem: iOS, Android, and Spire Studio
  • Improve our frameworks and support systems to enable faster development, increase delivery speed to our customers, and ensure product quality and stability
  • Learn about new technologies, platforms, and programming languages to tackle difficult problems and improve the entire Spire experience
  • Work with our product management, sound design, and design team to understand our users and product goals
  • Maintain a high quality product through writing clean, clear code and high participation in code reviews
What you will need:
  • Previous experience in a software development environment 
  • Ability to quickly learn new programming languages and technologies
  • Excellent general problem solving abilities and the ability to architect code to solve those problems
  • Good verbal and written communication skills for a highly collaborative environment
Here is what the Spire team works with. If you don’t have all of these skills, don’t worry! We value a desire to learn more than anything.
  • Develop Spire applications with C++, Swift, and Kotlin programming languages
  • Build automated tools, such as testing and deployment, with Python
  • Give code reviews in pull requests and present code architecture in whiteboard sessions
  • Embrace Agile principles by collaborating with our customers and work to get better as an engineering team, from how we write code to our development processes
  • Strive to deliver value quickly to our customers through continuous delivery practices
  • Work with our web and cloud technology teams to interface with the Spire cloud services