Carbon Relay: Software Engineer
45 Bromfield St
Boston, MA 02108


Carbon Relay Company Photo

We’re looking for software engineers that also have experience or desire to work with and extending Kubernetes (CRDs, Operators, Scheduling, etc). As a software engineer at Carbon Relay you’ll help build products that bridge the gap between software engineering and data science. Our products help our customers using data science-enabled applications without needing a data scientist.

As a software engineer at Carbon Relay you’ll build products that are integrated with Kubernetes clusters which enable customers to automatically configure their applications for the ideal balance of performance and cost. You’ll also be working on a set of microservices built using a mix of Go and Python. This will include integrating services developed by our data science team as we continue to enhance our offerings.


- Participate in design and discussion of customer features
- Participate in design and discussion of internal and external components
- Implement features as part of a Kubernetes CRD
- Implement features as part of SaaS-based microservices (Go, Python)
- Contribute to and enhance internal Kubernetes CRDs/Operators
- Work alongside data science teams to bring data science and machine learning into customer facing features


- 1-3 years of experience as a software engineer
- At least one year of experience developing with Go
- Working experience with Kubernetes and Docker
- Some experience with Python
- Experience with Agile/Scrum teams
- Works well with a small, fast moving teams
- Experience working with Git and GitHub


- Experience with GCP/GKE
- Experience developing SaaS applications
- Experience with microservice architectures
- Experience building components to extend Kubernetes (CRDs, controllers, scheduler extensions, etc)
- Experience working alongside data science teams