Kyruus: Senior/Principal Software Engineers
51 Melcher Street
Boston, MA 02210


Senior/Principal Software Engineers

We are looking for experienced Senior and Principal software engineers to stabilize, scale, and innovate our core data processing, matching, and scheduling platforms. You’ll help accomplish our mission through strong programming and design skills, execution focus, excellent communication skills, and desire to contribute to team’s success through collaboration. 

About Kyruus Engineering

At Kyruus Engineering, our teams own their products, from development to deployment, including monitoring and quality. As Kyruus engineers, we are continuously learning from and teaching each other.  We value making the right design decisions and invest our time to know what's right. We know that our work isn't done until our applications are configurable, supportable, monitored, secure, and analyzable to drive future product decisions. Most of all, we respect each other, enjoy working with each other, and have fun together!
ProviderMatch suite of SaaS solutions run entirely out of AWS with: Python as back end, ReactJS as our front end, and myriad Amazon web services in between. We power public, consumer web sites, and the internal sites used by call center agents.
What You'll Do:
You will work with Kyruus Product Managers to understand requirements and translate them into features and capabilities.  In addition to coding, you will understand requirements, figure out what to build, and then build it.  You will work on both existing and new products.  You will embrace Agile development practices to bring predictability and accountability to your tasks. In addition to quality of features, you will also measure impact of your deliverables through the enablement of our Field Teams in their ease, efficiency, and seamless integration and deployment for our customers.
You'll be successful if: 
  • You have 5-10 years’ experience developing commercial SaaS software using modern architectures and design patterns for performance, scalability, availability, and seamless deployment. 
  • You enjoy coding and deliver high-quality, robustly designed, easy-to-reason-about software with your proficiency in Python and ability to use Flask to build microservices.
  • You have experience in at least one of – 
    • Data pipeline infrastructure and tools such as job scheduling, bash scripting, JSON manipulation, SQL, and schema design. 
    • Developing ETL tools and data management systems with knowledge of data cleansing, quality, and governance principles. 
    • Experience with search applications or recommender systems utilizing open source search engines such as Elasticsearch, SOLR/Lucene.  
    • Experience with authentication and authorization schemes, building your own solutions and/or leveraging SSO.
    • Experience with data integration with 3rd party systems such as Epic and athenahealth.
  • You embrace and thrive in an Agile development environment. You are able to translate user stories and requirements into functional designs, and then break them down into the parts that you can build.  
  • You are able to troubleshoot issues, identify root cause of errors in code, and provide effective solutions. You take responsibility for quality and always write comprehensive unit and functional tests.
  • You are skilled at communicating your ideas and designs to your teammates, actively ask for help, seek opportunities to share relevant knowledge, and enjoy mentoring.
You'll be amazing if you are all of the above, plus:
  • You are comfortable using Amazon Web Service components (e.g., EC2, S3, EMR, ELB, Lambda) to build scalable, resilient solutions.
  • You have knowledge of managing and optimizing scalable and distributed databases, SQL and/or NoSQL.
  • You have knowledge of performance optimization, parallelization, and distributed systems.
  • You believe continuous integration and monitoring is important, and have familiarity with tools such as Jenkins, NewRelic, and Sentry.
We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity at our company. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.