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Senior Software Engineer - Multiproduct Systems

17 Tudor Street
Cambridge, MA 02139


  • Experienced technical leader who likes to solve hard problems in a team environment
  • Problem solver who embraces change & innovation
  • Collaborator who is comfortable working with product stakeholders and providing solutions


You will be the first hire on a new team that will develop a set of services that provide core business logic, like billing and customer relations management (CRM), required for Wistia to thrive in a multi-product world. In the first three months, you'll work with internal stakeholders to scope out the problem, begin prototyping solutions, and defining the overall architecture. Going forward, you will help us build out the team and bring the systems to life. We like to work in a "little a" agile way, and expect to learn a lot as we work towards a solution. We're a small team of about 20 engineers, with a fairly flat hierarchy, so you will be writing code and getting your hands dirty, in addition to leading the overall technical direction of the project.

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Multiproduct Systems - Senior Software Engineer

Our tech stack on the back end includes Ruby on Rails, Elixir, and Go, but we are open to people who have worked with other languages and frameworks. It is more important for us that you are able to evaluate tradeoffs and pick the right technologies for the job. Past experience in billing systems, CRM, or developing micro-services is a plus.


At Wistia, we see a future where every business uses video on a daily basis to communicate in new and innovative ways. That thinking inspired us to launch Soapbox, our 2nd product, in 2017 to complement our core video marketing application. We envision building a suite of video products to address the needs of different users and business cases.

With multiple products come new challenges and opportunities. That's where you come in!


Here are some qualities we look for in Wistia engineers, and why we feel they're so important:

  • You are a collaborator. Whether through pair programming, a whiteboard session, or a casual lunch conversation, collaboration helps the best ideas and practices to proliferate.
  • You have strong communication skills. Each of us has only part of the overall picture in our head at a given time. Explaining ideas at an understandable level of abstraction is critical to achieving a shared vision.
  • You're empathetic and emotionally intelligent. Sometimes things don't go smoothly. A customer gets frustrated, or a coworker does something that bothers you. Understanding where others are coming from, and being in control of and deliberate about how you respond to them, empowers you to solve problems while also being supportive of and sensitive to those around you.
  • You write clean and understandable code. We write code for each other and for our future selves. Code that is clear and tested sets us up for speed, reliability, and a more enjoyable development experience.
  • You know your fundamentals. Fads and frameworks come and go. Were less worried that you know the Next Hot Thing than that you feel comfortable with the underlying data structures, algorithms, languages, and protocols that make web applications work.
  • You are comfortable thinking in trade offs. Some decisions will always have a downside. Do we want our distributed database to be more consistent, or more available? Should we use a hosted product that will save us time now, but force us to move to a new system in a year? These are regular conversations!
  • You value simplicity. Blaise Pascal once wrote, "I'm sorry I wrote you such a long letter; I didn't have time to write a short one." Making things simple and elegant is deceptively difficult, but its worth the effort because the result is easier to understand and work with.

We work hard to ensure Wistia is an inclusive and diverse place where everyone feels productive, happy, fulfilled, respected, comfortable, and welcome. You can learn more about the type of company were building on our blog. Check out our jobs page to get a feel for our culture and the benefits of working at Wistia.We want you to grow, contribute, and have fun here! We know the biggest investment we can make is in our employees, so we provide:

  • A competitive salary
  • 401k with 3% company contribution, regardless of whether you make contributions
  • Flexible hours
  • Fully paid healthcare coverage for you and your family (including dental) and a healthcare FSA
  • Up to 12 weeks paid family leave
  • Flexible vacation and sick leave
  • Transportation subsidies
  • A convenient office just south of Central Square in Cambridge, MA. We're right on the Red Line, surrounded by great restaurants, parks, and even a dog park

If we sound exciting to you, please apply with some links (e.g. GitHub, Twitter) or attachments (e.g. non-public code, technical writings) that will help us understand your background.

Category: Software Engineering/QA

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