iRobot: Senior Software Engineer - IoT
8 Crosby Drive
Bedford, MA 01730


Imagine the future you could help us build. 

Teamwork, not just tech work. We are tech futurists and business geniuses. Together, we solve problems to make daily life easier. We are looking for a few more great minds to join our team as we continue to grow one of the world's leading consumer robot companies.

Together, we empower people to do more.


You will join a fantastic team of software engineers who are responsible for scaling out iRobot’s connected products solution to support millions of robots on Amazon Web Services. This team is also responsible for developing iRobot’s Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT integration offerings. You will design, enhance, mature, and support iRobot’s cloud IoT solutions. These solutions are the foundation for key services and capabilities supporting iRobot’s connected products roadmap.

Essential Functions/Job Duties

  • Design, development and configuration of software components and services with serverless design patterns using Python and AWS Lambda, API Gateway and IoT Managed Services
  • Adopt and enhance agile scrum development practices and continuous delivery principles to support growing portfolio of connected robots.


  • Experience designing and building commercial cloud services with a strong emphasis on scalability, availability and reliability
  • 2+ years of primary Python experience a must with 5+ years of software development with object-oriented languages using SOA principles. Go language experience a plus.
  • Highly collaborative, excellent interpersonal skills, and a strong desire for continuous improvement
  • Experience with foundational cloud services for storage, computation, event processing, messaging, data processing, and analytics with a high preference for Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Extensive knowledge about APIs, RESTful services
  • Knowledge of NoSQL solutions (AWS Dynamo DB, Cassandra, MongoDB, Azure Tablestorage, etc) and unstructured data processing are highly desirable
  • Solid experience of JSON, YAML and related notational data representations
  • Strong familiarity with PaaS, IaaS, and SaaS technologies
  • Master’s degree in Computer Science, or related discipline

iRobot is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


Why We Work Here

Product Marketing Specialist

"iRobot means a lot to me: innovation, passion and creativity; it's exciting to work in a field that's always evolving and you're watching all of these new products come forward into the market"

Sr. Manager, Consumer Insights

"Having fun and working hard, but also really enjoying the fact that you can work with some really smart people and the combination of their ideas and your ideas is going to make something that's never been experienced before."

Manager, Software Engineering

"What I really like about iRobot is our culture, we've done team building events where we've built slingshots out of PVC piping - we're all about collaboration"

Director, Strategic Sourcing

"We're working in a dynamic company that's growing very fast, so we're all empowered to make decisions - we talk about our priorities, how we have to adapt if something changes and that allows us to make the correct decisions, make them fast and allow the company to be successful"