Polis: Senior Software Engineer
36 Bromfield Street
Boston, MA 02108

Employee Testimonials

Jackie Murillo, Account Executive
Ryan Haag, Director of Inside Sales
Aditya Sathyanarayan, Software Engineer


At Polis we are building technology to empower a nationwide, distributed salesforce. Polis connects independent sales people with high quality brands and so far our app has been used to knock over 10 million American doors. Our goal is to build a world where people talk to each other in person and treat each other with respect.

Polis is the fastest growing sales company in the world thanks to our powerful software and data-driven recommendations engine. Polis works with the best companies in the US and Canada and is backed by a phenomenal group of investors which includes Haystack VC, Initialized, Liquid2, Fathom Capital and Background Capital.

We are seeking an exceptional senior software engineer to join our growing development team. This position will play a critical role in new feature development and ensuring existing systems continue to scale. Future projects include: adopting a learning management system (LMS); a mapping service that dynamically generates optimized canvassing routes; integrations with Stripe, Salesforce and other vendors; fresh UX for map interactions; and many more innovative application features.

  • Technical contribution/coding
  • Contribute to system architecture
  • Occasionally be on call
  • Work with team
    • Open to pair programming
    • Mentoring optional but encouraged
  • Experience at a high growth startup
  • Strong coding abilities
  • 4+ years of engineering experience
  • Expertise in Node.js, React, Python, Go and/or Java
    • Node.js and React are biggest pluses
  • Good communication skills
    • Team player (individual contributor or manager)
    • Willing to pair program with others when they are stuck
  • Enthusiasm for learning our product
What's in it for you…
- Opportunity to work on an amazing team growing lightning fast
- Generous equity offering in a top VC backed company
- Competitive salary
- Flexible work schedule
- All of the Skittles you could possibly eat

Employee Testimonials

Jackie Murillo, Account Executive
Jackie Murillo
Account Executive

I love working for an org that always takes the work seriously but doesn’t take themselves too seriously. This is Polis in a nutshell. Our office banter and giphy game are on point.

Ryan Haag, Director of Inside Sales
Ryan Haag
Director of Inside Sales

At Polis, my contributions and opinions matter. Each team member is valued and given the chance to let their talents and abilities shine.

Aditya Sathyanarayan, Software Engineer
Aditya Sathyanarayan
Software Engineer

Polis is a company that inspires you to bring your A+ game into work everyday, because the positive energy is contagious.

Sissi Zhou, Customer Success
Sissi Zhou
Customer Success

Only at Polis you learn about how rugby works one day and then the history of flutes the next, because we’re all encouraged to share what we’re passionate about (aside from Polis!) and everyone is eager to learn from each other.