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Senior Research Engineer

450 Artisan Way
Somerville, MA 02145

AVO USA Holding 2 Corporation (Somerville, MA) seeks Senior Research Engineer, Machine Learning to hold an important position in working alongside the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) in researching and developing innovative ideas, technologies and products. This position reports to the CTO. The senior research engineer's role is one that requires considerable depth of understanding and a passion for inventing cutting edge machine learning and artificial intelligence technology. Along with technical depth, the senior research engineer needs to possess a deep sense of curiosity, creativity and imagination to identify the forces that will disrupt the status quo in various market segments. The CTO office is tasked with developing advanced technologies in the areas of artificial intelligence, sensors and new computational platforms. The work done by the CTO office are those that are considered strategically important and begin a year or more in advance of any new product development. The members of the CTO office are subject matter experts and continue with the new product development process till the product is launched.


Job Duties:

  • Lead a team responsible for architecting and designing the next generation real-time object detection and classification convolutional neural networks;
  • Work closely with hardware, systems, and software engineers to implement neural network algorithms in a variety of embedded, appliance and server platforms while being conscious of unique processor architectures and real-time constraints;
  • Lead a team responsible for architecting and developing a physical environment; knowledge graph along with a query engine that enables fast intelligent search of physical spaces;
  • Design a highly flexible and scalable data annotation engine that enables Avigilon to design new classifiers using model and data distillation;
  • Mentor and manage data science interns and co-ops;
  • Participate in multi-disciplinary technical research projects focused on exploring solutions to challenging engineering problems in the fields of sensor systems, biometrics, computer vision and machine learning;
  • Be the resident expert in the latest tools and hardware available to train, test and deploy neural networks in practical high-availability environments; and
  • Coordinate and participate in R&D projects with partners, academics, industry experts and internal technology experts.


All Requirements:

Master's degree (or foreign equivalent) in computer science, computer engineering, or electrical engineering plus 3 years' experience as a technology associate or similar role.


Experience, which may be gained concurrently, must include: 3 years' experience in developing software applications in C, C++, and Python in both a Linux and Windows environment;

  • 2 years' experience in using deep learning platforms including Caffé, PyTorch, and TensorFlow;
  • 2 years' experience in using open source packages including OpenCV, SciPy, DLIB, and OpenML;
  • 2 years' experience with video compression and transmission technologies including H.264, H.265, RTSP, and HTTP Live Streaming;
  • 2 years' experience with parallel computing platform such as CUDA;
  • 2 years' experience in cloud computing environments such as Azure and AWS;
  • 2 years' experience in various development tools including Visual Studio, and Atlassian tools (Mercurial, Jira, BitBucket, Artifactory. and Confluence);
  • 2 years' experience in UML;
  • 3 years' experience in using research and prototyping tool including MATLAB and Mathematica; and
  • 2 years' experience in machine learning algorithms research and development including neural networks.
Category: Software Engineering/QA

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