Klara: Senior Product Marketing Manager

Company Description:

The backbone of the healthcare system is communication between patients and their doctors, among healthcare teams, and even between practices and third-party providers like pharmacies, labs, and insurance companies.

But healthcare communication today is broken. Its disconnected, siloed, antiquated, and highly inefficient and in worst-case scenarios, its even responsible for lost patient lives.

Were trying to fix that. Klaras mission is to transform communication in healthcare, so all patients can receive great care.

We believe that the future of healthcare will be amazing. It will be patient-centric and truly connected so medical teams can work together easily, information can be shared between people and systems seamlessly, and patients can always get the high-quality care that everyone deserves.

Though our mission is big, our team is still small. And thats where you come in.

We are a Series A startup thats growing quickly, with plenty of interesting challenges to tackle and foundations to build. Its an entrepreneurial environment filled with opportunities for personal growth, where there is no shortage of projects to own or game-changing ideas to suggest. We are autonomous, data-driven, humble, and transparent. We have a healthy irreverence for the status quo, and a relentless passion for making our users lives better. And we believe the power of a talented team can accomplish anything even revolutionizing healthcare.

About the Role:

We need a Senior Product Marketing Manager to build out a world-class product marketing foundation. We are building a product that solves a critical need for doctors, healthcare administrators, and patients across the US, and were already providing real value for our existing customers. The market is wide open, and the opportunity is huge but we need your help capturing it. We have a busy product roadmap and only the humble beginnings of a smooth and seamless go-to-market engine, not to mention ample opportunities to drive more customer engagement. And were only just scratching the surface of telling the Klara story.

If you are:

  • Eager to roll up your sleeves and build a product marketing foundation
  • No longer able to count the number of product launches youve run, so a launch playbook comes naturally
  • An exceptional writer (usually the person in your family or group of friends who gets asked for writing/editing help)
  • So organized that its one of your defining personality traits
  • Adept at amplifying good news and softening the blow of bad news
  • Not phased by ambiguity, uncertainty, or the fast pace of an early-stage tech startup
  • Fiercely loyal to the customers you work with, and an advocate for them company-wide
  • Passionate about changing the future of healthcare, and helping millions of patients

we want to talk to you!


  • Own the GTM process for new features and functionality, including strategy and planning as well as execution and reporting
  • Identify opportunities to improve customer engagement especially in the first two months of the customer experience and lead the execution of those initiatives (including testing and iteration)
  • Deeply understand our existing and prospective customers leading research/analytics projects as needed, and training other teams on these insights
  • Own customer segmentation, developing differentiated and engaging messaging and positioning for each that is driven by customer insights
  • Serve as the resident expert on our product and our customers, training other internal teams and driving the development of internal and external resources
  • Be a close partner for our product team, providing feedback on our roadmap, feature development, and product design
  • Be an expert on our market and the competitive landscape, training internal teams on competitive differentiation and serving as a strategic advisor to the product and leadership teams
  • Represent our customers and their needs throughout the company, ensuring that everything we do has customer success and delight at its core


  • Bachelors Degree
  • Experience leading GTM initiatives at a technology company
  • Excellent writing skills and overall communication skills
  • Skilled with messaging and positioning, customer insights, and competitive differentiation
  • Many years of successful collaborations with different stakeholders and teams
  • A passion for advocating for users and creating delightful user experiences

Why We Work Here

Account Executive
Mary Ellen
Account Executive

I think the reason everyone is so good at motivating and listening is because of our openness with each other — you are constantly getting feedback and support from your teammates. If you can trust your team, that means you can listen to them when they’re giving feedback and use that feedback to improve. And when we win? We celebrate those wins really well.

Product Manager
Product Manager

I see our team as a group of explorers, bravely sailing for a new world. We have many of the tools we need to succeed, but we never know what’s coming up on the horizon. So we are constantly learning, trying new things, and iterating — with hits and misses along the way.

Software Engineer
Software Engineer

Healthcare is only going to continue to become more complex —technology providers are the ones who will ultimately solve the problems of the healthcare industry in the years ahead. We have to put patients first. As a Software Engineer at Klara, I get to be at the forefront of that.

Tech Leader
Tech Leader

I’m motivated by the technical challenges we face from time to time. That includes integration with new systems, application of new technologies, and updates to the current tech stack. No two days are the same here — and with all of these initiatives going on, the engineering team stays up to date on the best trends across the technological landscape.