: Senior Product Manager, Carbon
500 Rutherford Ave, Suite 201
Boston, MA 02129

Employee Testimonials

Terri Moses


Indigo is a high growth innovative agriculture company based in Boston.  We have an extraordinary opportunity to help farmers harness nature to feed the planet in a sustainable manner.  Our biological advancements enable us to work with farmers to improve agriculture in a way that creates enormous economic value while benefiting the environment and providing consumers a more natural food supply. 

As a Senior Product Manager at Indigo you will have the opportunity to collaborate with many teams across the organization.  We believe that understanding our customers problems are critical to helping us prioritize features that lead to a strong roadmap.

In this role as a Product Manager, you will create the tools and features that guide our growers on their journey to regenerative farming via Indigo Carbon. You will balance the complex technical requirements of the carbon credit verification standards with the real human needs of growers making changes to their farming practices. 

What does a successful product look like at Indigo?

Good products must be designed with an unwavering focus on the users they serve and the customers they ultimately benefit.  You will take a lead role in understanding customer needs, how our business meets those needs, and how our technology can help the business do that better and more efficiently.  There are many product lines or areas of innovation within the walls of Indigo and the external community. 

How do we work?

We are not perfect. In fact, we are learning from trial and error every day.  We try new things, take risks, make educated guesses, and move quickly.  We arent dogmatic, but we believe in the tenets of agile development.  Excellent communication and collaboration skills are a must.



  • Collaborate with multiple teams across the Indigo organization to help prioritize grower-facing features and improvements and contribute to the short- and long-term vision for your product area
  • Influence the product roadmap for the grower-facing Indigo Carbon application
  • Collaborate with the design team to perform user research and usability testing to make the best decisions for our users at all stages of the product process
  • Create and prioritize use cases 
  • Understand the downstream uses of the growers data and balance ease of use with program necessity
  • Understand market competition and product positioning
  • Coordinate investigations and mitigations when bugs or faulty processes threaten user experience or data quality


  • Assume primary Product Ownership responsibilities (e.g., roadmap, user stories, prioritization, stakeholder buy-in, etc.)
  • Participate in agile software product management and development best practices definition and execution
  • Participate in stakeholder review meetings for product or product line at agreed-to cadence
  • Work closely with all internal product-related teams to ensure alignment across product development processes
  • Execute customer-driven culture in how we prioritize and allocate our Technology investment
  • Ability to bring teams along an agile journey


  • Establish clear and concise communications channels with stakeholders within the organization (i.e., Business, Launch Operations, Science, Design, and Engineering) to provide context about the why and visibility into product decisions and process for decision making
  • Establish trust with internal and external customers to allow for a regular cadence of communication that helps to get design feedback early and often
  • Set clear expectations and be able to communicate the value of product investments to non-technical stakeholders
  • Create clear documentation of features, user flows, and data structures


  • Balance customer-centricity, stakeholder expectations, and technical feasibility for software product area, clearly articulating tradeoffs
  • Define and gain buy-in from stakeholders and drive product vision for a specific software product area
  • Translate business needs into product roadmap and technology specifications and use cases
  • Process orientation with strong time-management skills and demonstrated ability to change course as needed
  • Demonstrates ability to effectively work as a member of a team, with great listening and oral and written communication skills
  • Able to structure and process qualitative and quantitative data and draw insightful conclusions
  • Demonstrates tenacity and willingness to deliver on agreed-to outcomes in the agreed-to timeframes and to iterate when needed


  • 4+ years Product Management experience
  • 6+ years of overall technology experience
  • Experience delivering software solutions that delight customers
  • Experience working with software engineering teams in an agile/lean development environment

Employee Testimonials

Daniel Glasgow
Software Engineer

"What drew me to Indigo was the opportunity for growth. Not just personal growth, although that’s appealing too, but the growth of the whole product. There are a million paths to pursue and we’re not penned in by existing structure."

Terri Moses
Terri Moses
Contract Management Specialist II

“There are always going to be companies that think what worked in the past will work in the future, but this is a company that never wants to settle, in an industry that needs to refocus. What’s good for Indigo is what’s good for the grower, consumer, and the planet."

Ibrahim Abdullah
Ibrahim Abdullah
Manager, Engineering and Laboratory Operations

"Here, I have so much freedom—I get to really be creative. Not many companies do what Indigo does: It’s helping the farmer, it’s helping the planet. I really like the mission that the company stands by and the way they treat their employees. It doesn’t feel like you’re at work—this a very nice environment to be in. You want to work harder because you know they [other employees] have taken it so far. When you love what you’re doing, it doesn’t even feel like work."

Kelsey Steinbeck
Director, DevOps

"Working at Indigo allows me to make a positive impact on our Planet while also being part of industry disruption and innovation. I get to combine personal goals of doing positive things in the World while still getting to work on innovative technologies and solutions. It really can’t be beat!"

Jazmin Gonzalez-Rivero
Senior Software Engineer
“You can make a marketplace for any product, alcohol, carpets, cars – whatever. But you don’t always get an opportunity to build a marketplace for something that actually matters. Giving farmers new ways to transact on their grain can make the difference for their business, their families, and even their communities. The feeling for me of, ‘Hey, I am going to help farmers make more on every bushel,’ there’s nothing else like that. It’s why I come into work every day."