Klaviyo: Senior Copywriter
225 Franklin Street, 10th Floor
Boston, MA 02111

Were looking for a Senior Copywriter to join our small but mighty Creative Team in Marketing. Youll play a critical role in giving Klaviyo an authentic voice and consistent tone with non-buzzwordy, talk-like-an-actual-person, customer-focused marketing, advertising, and website copy. Youll partner with design and marketing business owners to create innovative campaigns, site experiences, and communications from concept and strategy to delivery.

Your responsibilities include:

Messaging framework and copy style guide. Youll infuse the Klaviyo brand throughout our marketing communications. Youll understand our customers - their wants, needs, pain points, and successes. Youll wrangle our messaging and voice into a consistent, authentic tone that aligns with our messaging framework. Working collaboratively with other writing resources for the blog and content, you will contribute to the development of our copy standards and style guide.

Marketing and Advertising communications. Youll work on long and short form copy for campaign in a wide range of media: onair sponsorships, promoted content, display banners, print ads, product collateral, sales enablement, email communications, events, and more.

Website. Youll create user-focused website content that helps site visitors understand how Klaviyo can help their business, as well as ultimately driving leads and supporting sales team conversations.

Creative culture and creative concepting Youll work with the design team to concept creative campaigns and collaborate with business owners around the company to develop, test, and refine. Youll be part of evangelizing the importance of creative within the company, take part in creative events, add your voice to initiatives like the design podcast and blog, as well as joining cross team creative review meetings to provide critique and give thoughtful feedback.

Getting Started / Key Outcomes

In the first 30 days, youll have:

  • Understanding of our product, audience and messaging framework.
  • Familiarize yourself with the creative project management process (creative briefs, project kickoffs, and working with the rest of the marketing team to see a project through).
  • Have an in depth understanding of our site, media initiatives, existing content from product collateral to the blog.
  • Familiarize yourself with our media plan: understand our current content and begin to dive in to help update and refine messaging.

Within 90 days, youll have:

  • Worked on a muli-deliverable campaign; including brainstorming, planning, copy and delivery.
  • Identify existing gaps in tone and messaging framework and develop a plan to pull everything together.
  • Attended one of our customer events and use learning to begin improves site copy and tone.
  • Working with Performance Marketing Team, identify and write copy test for the website or a marketing campaign.
  • Improved tone, consistency, and clarity for copy for core site pages.

Before you hit your first year anniversary, youll:

  • Created consistency and developed a strong voice and tone throughout all copy deliverables.
  • Implemented copy standards as part of Klaviyos brand style guide that support on-brand content creation.
  • Worked on at least 3 campaigns that stand out for their creativity as much as they do their content and design.
  • Fostered cross team relationship and collaboration with Klaviyos other content and writing resources.

About You

Youre a conceptual thinker. You like big ideas and are always trying to make something better, more interesting, or more innovative. Youre an experienced communicator (5+ years) from an agency or inhouse team working on b2b and b2c communications - turning complex and buzzwordy into simple content that sounds like an actual human. You love collaboration and arent afraid to speak up when you have an idea - with creatives and business owners alike. Youre comfortable owning and selling your work and point of view. You thrive in fast-moving environments and are impatient about getting your work out into the world.

Youre always learning - from those around you, or by jumping in to figure something out on your own. Youre curious about whats new in the industry, technology trends, and what other brands are doing; and proactive about getting data, insights, and feedback.

You want to work with people that feel the same way.

About Us

Klaviyo is a team of people who are crazy motivated by growth. Its what we help our customers do: grow their ecommerce businesses by making it possible and easy for them to use their data to power better email marketing. Its how we behave as individuals: were all deeply passionate about learning. Its how we manage our business: we have thousands of paying customers, were profitable, and were growing insanely fast. And its what our culture is all about. Working at Klaviyo means youll work on things you never imagined you would; youll grow in ways you didnt consider possible; and youll do the best work of your career with people who are just as motivated and talented as you are.