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Scrum Master

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Our Scrum practice is good, but it needs to be better. Are you the right person to help us do that?

You Will:

  • Be an acting Scrum Master for a Scrum Team. If the team is part of a Nexus you will likely serve as the Scrum Master for the NIT as well.
  • Coach other Scrum Masters in the organization who are part of our legacy of Scrum Master/Development Team Member hybrid roles—with the objective of eliminating that compromise.
  • Be the champions for agility and change in the organization, from the inside out.
  • Be assessed on the extent to which you make teams and individuals around you better at what they do and more engaged and empowered doing it.

If you really want a complete job description, read the Scrum Guide (again).

You have to bring these things to the table:

  •’s PSM I assessment. Although you can be good at Scrum without these assessments, they are evidence that you’ve got the framework and the language, and leading indicators that you really understand Scrum.
  • Obvious, real-time ability to speak Scrum. If you come in to meet us, we’ll geek out on the Scrum Guide and we’ll expect you to know your stuff.
  • Concrete experience as an acting Scrum Master for a Scrum Team. We’re not too picky about how much experience, though probably at a minimum 2 years or so. We’ll ask you to share stories about experiences with your teams, and that conversation will feed into our assessment of your abilities more than how many time cards you’ve punched.
  • A compelling story about how you came to be a Scrum Master. No one says when they’re a kid ‘I want to be a Scrum Master when I grow up’, so be ready tell us about your journey getting here, and where you want to go next.

You will be tested on this stuff.

It would be great if you also have:

  •’s PSM II assessment. It would be great if you completed this assessment with a token from the Advanced Scrum Master class. If you did, be ready to tell us about what you learned taking that course.
  •’s SPS assessment. You are familiar with, and maybe even have actual experience, using Nexus to scale Scrum across multiple teams working on the same increment.
  • Some evidence of participating in the Scrum and Agile communities. Maybe you presented at an industry conference, or maybe you’ve published a case-study on agile adoption/transformation.
  • Concrete experience in developing empirical forecasting models and coaching teams in their use.
  • Some ideas about objectively (even if not comprehensively) measuring a team’s performance. We’re not talking velocity here, we’re interested in your take on what metrics makes sense and how they can be used (and warnings about how they can be misused).
  • An array of structured facilitation techniques, e.g., creative ways to keep teams engaged through a Sprint Retrospective in such a way that results in concrete improvement actions taken on in the next Sprint.

Be ready to tell us some stories that support the above.

It would be mind-blowingly awesome if you also have:

  •’s PSM III assessment. This assessment simply gives you bragging rights.
  •’s PSK assessment. Do you know your flow? We’re dabbling in this right now, and it would be great if you could help us move this forward.
  • Something else that we’d be surprised to learn about you that also qualifies as awesome. (Cliff-diver? Community leader? Artist/musician?)

Surprise us with what you can bring to the table!

Category: Software Engineering/QA

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