Jobcase, Inc.: RiskDevOps Engineer

One of the Boston area's fastest growing technology companies, Jobcase is the only social media site dedicated to empowering the world’s workforce. Jobcase is a social media platform that connects our 100 million+ members to each other and potential employers.

We are looking for an experienced DevOps engineer with an interest in security and a flexible mindset to work hands-on and provide leadership in high-impact security projects that appropriately balance risk and effort in an extremely fast-moving environment. This role will help to build a new team that is responsible for various important aspects for the business which include but are not limited to: building out an entirely new infrastructure around secure storage of secrets and identity access management, locating areas in the company that can be a security risk and resolving, and building and configuring audit systems for various internal and external services in the company.

What you’ll be doing here: 

  • Help implement our vision of policy-as-code and infrastructure-as-code to minimize the burden of a strong security posture on our team.

  • Build and maintain specialized auditing software to monitor products for security policy violations.

  • Manage secure log infrastructure and cloud security operations tools.

  • Build and maintain custom tools for a centralized secrets (Vault) and credential management across the organization.

  • Build and maintain dashboards and other monitoring tools for continuous reporting on security health across the organization.

  • Work with development teams to integrate security systems and policies into their applications.

  • Participate in threat modeling across the organization.

About you and your skills:

  • 5+ years proficiency in a systems programming language such as Java, Go, or C++

  • Strong background in DevOps and cloud deployment methodologies

  • Use of Python or Ruby scripting for DevOps

  • Familiarity with system and cloud security issues

  • Strong communication and collaboration skills and a highly cooperative attitude

About Jobcase:

  • Affiliated partner of MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, CSAIL

  • 100% medical and dental coverage

  • Commuter benefits

  • Unlimited PTO

  • Gym membership

  • 401k

  • Boston Business Journal best place to work every year since our launch in 2015


Why We Work Here

Ashley Waterman
Content Management

"Sometimes, you just know when a place feels right.  I had that feeling immediately with Jobcase."

Tony Deigh

"I’m not interested in technology for technology’s sake. I’m interested in technology for what it can do.I think Jobcase is important because we’ve leveraged the power of the Internet to help people communicate and to really make people’s lives better."