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Why Burgess

You’ll have a positive impact on the world.

Each year in America, healthcare businesses waste millions of hours and billions of dollars trying to get payments right. Our flexible software and accurate data feeds help clients eliminate this administrative waste, work more closely with their partners, and ultimately, provide more certainty for people at the point of care.

  Position Overview

The Service Delivery Team is responsible for managing all aspects of client implementations of the Burgess cloud-based products and services. Delivery Management is responsible for the project management of the client implementations of the Burgess cloud-based products and services.   The primary function of this position will be to lead and direct the client and internal teams through the implementation process, ensuring adherence to Burgess methodology.   This position is accountable for achieving high client satisfaction through structured on time delivery of a robust, performant and vigorously tested solution to a well-trained client user community.  This role is responsible for managing the execution of the daily operations of their assigned Implementation Team(s).   It requires the ability to work effectively in a fast-paced, startup environment with diverse stakeholders is key.                                        

What the Role Involves (Responsibilities)

  • General
    • Maintain up to the minute knowledge of project risks, milestones, issue tracker, and client temperature for assigned client implementation projects. Ensure trackers and the project team are kept current of project status and risks.
    • Continually reviews and analyzes existing workflows and practices, striving to improve process; isolating areas for improvement and delivering change for effectiveness and efficiency.
    • Maintain excellent communication channels with all client stakeholders to ensure proper messaging of current status and risks to the client, as well as early insight into client concerns, confusion or friction.
    • Ensure strict compliance and security requirements in accordance with HIPAA regulations and best practices.
    • Provide work direction to team members who are not direct reports. May also have direct reports and those associated responsibilities


  • May participate in select pre-contract scoping meetings.
  • Complete understanding of all aspects of client contract and SOW. May participate in select pre-contract scoping meetings.
  • Assists in completing the pre-implementation worksheet. Maintains worksheet as changes occur, ensuring it represents 'as-built' upon project completion.
  • Assists or Leads the development of Project Charter and Project Plan.
  • Maintain solid understanding of the client's current claim processing workflow through their internal systems, including key technical components and workflow decision criteria
  • Project manage the client adoption of Burgess Software.
  • Contribute to project success through excellence in execution of implementation plans with Service and Delivery teams and client.
  • Coordinate with cross-functional teams across multiple workstreams to understand business requirements, cross-product dependencies and technical interdependence for all Service Delivery projects.
  • Responsible for ensuring that project tasks are on track to schedule and eventually delivered on time.
  • Coordinate communication with customers during the problem resolution process, utilizing superior customer service skills.
  • Maintain up to the minute understanding of client stakeholder’s 'temperature'.
  • Document and resolve where possible and inform team leaders of all Service issues, conflicts, risks and client concerns.
  • Able to gather steps to reproduce, expected outcome and actual outcome for all client issues
  • Maintain ongoing knowledge of all client requests and issues to endure common understanding of expected resolution and/or risks to schedule.
  • Ensure Change Management process is used when required.
  • Handle most questions regarding product scope, schedule and status on your own.

What You’ve Got (Qualifications & Skills)

  • Degree in computer science, software development, or a related field.
  • 3-5 years’ experience in quality assurance and software testing.
  • Experience in performance scripts execution and results/metrics analysis
  • Excellent communication skills both written and oral.
  • PMP preferred
  • Strong industry knowledge
  • Solid understanding of the JSCON and 837 data dictionaries preferred
  • Knowledge of and experience in technical aspects of mobile and custom software.

Who You Are (Ideal Competencies/Skills)

  • Creative entrepreneur. You have a constant drive to make things better; you question the status quo and approach common challenges with creativity and constructive criticism. You have skills to clearly and convincingly share ideas in a way that adapts to your audience, regardless of function, level, or expertise.
  • Critical, big-picture thinker. You have a constant thirst for knowledge and the ability to credibly share it with others, whether internally or externally. You are analytical, evaluating logic-based details while always considering and problem-solving for the sake of the big picture.
  • Self-starter. You are proactive, self-motivated, and able to push work, start initiatives, and provide ideas independently in a team environment.

How We Work (Team & Culture)

  • Collaborative. We work together and help each other do our best by building on our work across teams and offices. We don’t own individual ideas or seek credit.
  • User-driven. We place our clients and our users’ needs above all else. If it matters to a user, it matters to us. We work for them and keep ourselves accountable to that.
  • Hands-on. We don’t wait for problems to solve themselves. We enter the thick of it and get things done.
  • Impact over ego. Our culture is about results, not ownership. Great ideas have seniority over titles and levels, and great thinkers outshine fancy pedigrees.
  • Forward-looking. We look beyond our own world to constantly improve our business. We welcome outside speakers, tap into the latest tech, and make sure we’re future-proof in anticipation of what’s coming next.
  • Caring & close knit. We know and care about our people. We know each other’s project strengths—but also about upcoming family trips and favorite after-work drinks

Employee Testimonials

Lynne Hollinsworth
Manager, Configuration Center of Excellence

"Having spent many years leading Operations departments for various health plans, I joined HealthEdge because of the opportunity to use my background and expertise in an independent contributor role. I was impressed by the Company’s modern and practical approach to administering a core administration system. I am extremely glad to have shifted my career focus, and the employee focused culture, forward thinking, and spirit of teamwork are the qualities I enjoy most about working at HealthEdge."- Lynne, Manager, Configuration Center of Excellence

Adam Kacenjar
Program Director, Clinical Solutions

"I joined HealthEdge in the early startup days and thrived on the creative chaos and opportunities. While the company has grown significantly over the past 15 years, I appreciate the changing pace - issues of scaling, performance, mastering quality - these are the challenges where we are focused."- Adam Kacenjar

Dannette Coleman
EVP, Business Development

"HealthEdge is not just a software company, we are a solutions company, partnering with our customers to drive forward their business strategies using our products and services." - Dannette, EVP, Business Development

Kelly Donovan

"I am lucky to be on a team that consistently works together, has each other’s backs and enjoys each other’s company! We are able to provide flexibility to team members as needed without diminishing our quality of work." -Kelly, Controller

Melissa O'Dowd
Senior Director, Product Marketing

“There’s so much innovation happening within our walls, new ideas coming into the organization, and a culture that embraces trying new things and continuously improving existing processes. Our start-up type culture within a big company makes it a vibrant place to work.”- Melissa O'Dowd, Senior Director, Product Marketing

Simon Levin
Technical Director

"I work at HealthEdge because it always presents me with new challenges which require professional and personal growth, and such growth is always rewarded by HealthEdge with career advancements and job satisfaction." -Simon, Technical Director

Sarah Clark
VP, Continuous Improvement

“I like working at HealthEdge because I am part of a team that knows how to collaborate, focus on value and continuously improve. I choose HealthEdge because our technology is changing the healthcare industry for the better.” -Sarah, VP, Continuous Improvement

Gail Caldera
Technical Writer

"I love working at HealthEdge because it is a forward-thinking company with a positive and open culture that supports the well-being of the people while providing innovative products that are invaluable. The culture promotes collaboration, teamwork and open communication. Everyone here counts, everyone is heard, and everyone supports eachother to grow and succeed." - Gail, Technical Writer

Marvin Matthews
VP, Project Management and PMO

"I joined HealthEdge to be part of a growing organization that is on a trajectory in becoming the leader in the payer market. The HealthEdge mission and core values were contributing factors for me becoming member of the Professional Services leadership team. As the Leader of the Project Management Team and Project Management Office, I am charged with attaining, retaining, and enabling high performing associates to deliver our next generation solutions to customers in order to support achievement of their strategic business objectives. HealthEdge is vested not only in products and services but talented people, providing an atmosphere of collaboration, innovation, diversity, and fun. Come join my team and be part of this great journey." - Marvin, VP, Project Management and PMO

Dave Paquette
Director, Infrastructure Engineering

"I came to HealthEdge for an unmatched opportunity to further my career in IT with a growing business." -Dave, Director Infrastructure Engineering

Chris Bulkley
VP, Customer Support

"What stands out to me when I'm hiring is a customer-focused drive, a passion for problem solving and a desire to be part of something bigger than themselves." -Chris, VP of Customer Support

Sarang Muralidharan
VP, Solutions Management

“I joined HealthEdge for the opportunity to be part of a growing company that is transforming and modernizing how health plans deliver services to their customers. I am excited to be part of a highly skilled team and look forward to further developing our implementation services and enabling our clients to better compete in the market by taking advantage of the latest tools and features of our products.” -Sarang, VP, Solutions Management

Abe Gutierrez
Technical Account Associate

“HealthEdge's culture is one that makes you feel comfortable to ask questions, where everyone is willing to help” -Abe, Technical Account Associate

Janice Grenda
HR Generalist

"I started at HealthEdge just over 3 years ago as a receptionist and was given chances to learn and grow. I quickly moved into HR where I was given even more opportunities to develop new skills for my career. I love that I am given the chance to use my strengths and overcome my weaknesses too! I am also fortunate to be a part of a great team," - Janice, HR Generalist

Michele Forlenza
Account Executive

“I am really enjoying every aspect of my role and the organization. I love that no matter what you are working on there is no one in the company that isn’t willing to roll up their sleeves and help out. From the top down it really is a team environment.”- Michele Forlenza, Account Executive

Melissa Maulding
Senior Director, Business Consulting Services

"During my interviews, with HE, I experienced the phenomenon that had been described to me. I was excited by the energy of the team/family feeling I experienced. It was very evident that everyone was inspired and dedicated to both the future of the products but also to each other. As well, it was obvious that they were all truly devoted to client success. I knew I wanted to be part of that family and that I wanted to contribute to the overall future success" - Melissa, Senior Director of Business Consulting Services

Danyi Cai
Site Reliability Engineer

“I joined HealthEdge to be part of building a next-generation product in a collaborative environment where innovative ideas are encouraged. I was attracted greatly by the management team and its vision, ambition and approachability.” - Danyi, Site Reliability Engineer

Sandhiya Krishnan
Agile Coach

“As an agile coach, I am glad to be part of a highly skilled team which is open to all the new methods and ideas to make them #1 in the healthcare software market.”- Sandhiya, Agile Coach