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Product Manager
250 Summer Street
Boston, MA 02210
We're looking for a product manager to join our team and help define a simple, fast, beautiful, innovative and collaborative product for companies and their business travelers. We welcome diversity and actively seek applicants who can bring a variety of backgrounds and perspectives to the team.   As a product manager at Lola, you'll collaborate with teams from across the company. You will set the vision and strategy for your product area. This work will include developing a strong understanding our customers, focusing on outcomes, thinking holistically about all dimensions of our business and the product, creative problem solving, persistence in the face of obstacles and leveraging engineering, design and data partnerships and capabilities.    As a team, we value curiosity, generosity, and passion. We believe that we're stronger together, and we seek out opportunities to learn from each other and to share what we know with the rest of the team. We also believe that focusing on the customer and developing a sense of empathy and compassion for our customers is key to the success of our product and our product organization.   Responsibilities 
  • Achieve strategic goals in an innovative and fast-paced environment.
  • Efficiently execute to ship product and deliver impact for our business and users.
  • Align and motivate a cross-functional team.
  • Lead the full product cycle from ideation, research, design, development to launch and iteration.
  • Stay close to the metrics and data to react to changes and identify opportunities. 

  • Minimum of 2 years as a product manager. 
  • Engineering degree is a plus but is not required.
  • Pack. You are a great teammate. You win more when you depend on others, default to trust, and work together to reach a shared goal. 
  • Wicked Loving. You care deeply about the people on your team. Business is full of hard decisions, but you take extra effort to make decisions with love and respect.
  • Customer Core. You have a strong devotion to customers. You are relentless in listening to their feedback and are always searching for ways to improve the customer experience. 
  • Humble Learner. You have a growth mindset. You are willing to fail if it means you can get better. You believe that giving feedback is important, and that listening to feedback and figuring out how to quickly improve is critical.
Category: Product Management

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