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Product Designer

54 Canal Street
Boston, MA 02114

Appcues is a user experience company. We help people create products that their users love by empowering them to make in-app learning experiences that work well and look great, without coding. Design is extremely important to us as a company because our customers depend on us to deliver a great experience as part of their productwhich is also what makes Appcues itself fun and challenging to work on.

Right now, our product is hitting its stride. We have a growing and loyal customer base, and a wide array of opportunities based on of a solid user research practice, a truly customer-focused team, and a healthy dose of humility.

We're looking for great product designers who can be trusted members of user-focused teams and help guide them to a useful and usable end result. You'll participate in all phases of the process, from user research, to whiteboarding and problem solving, to high-fi mockups, to working with engineers to make the real thing. You should be able to help your team understand problems deeply from the user's perspective, diverge and explore many concepts, and refine and define what to test and build. You should feel excited about moving quickly and solving problems iteratively, motivated by the knowledge that customers are using your product every single day, and you should have the skills and experience needed to make sure your team can achieve a great experience every time, and have fun doing it.

What you have to look forward to: over the next year we'll be growing the company and the design team, and we'll be working together to deliver on the promise of the Appcues mission. You'll have the opportunity to be both a leader for your product area, and a member of a holistic and supportive design team. You'll also be part of a down-to-earth company with great values that's uncommonly aligned and focused on customers.

You will

Work collaboratively with great people on motivated and happy teams

Guide people through the product process to learn fast and make great software

Use tools of your choosing (but maybe pen & paper, whiteboards, and Sketch)

Help lead the team in user testing & research as a foundation for making the right thing

Help work on design systems that make everything better

You may be a great fit if you

Have 3 or more years of experience as a designer for web and/or mobile products

Have a diverse and balanced skill set: maybe stronger in some areas than others, but you know how to get a good product designed from start to finish

Give great respectful feedback, and are excited and happy to receive it

Have a drive to improve anything you touch, and know how to work with others to get those improvements all the way to the customer

Love showing others what's possible and getting them excited about it

Feel at least a little embarrassed by your past work (youre always improving)

Founded in 2013 in Boston, MA, Appcues is a user experience layer that accelerates growth for companies by helping them create amazing product experiences. Ones that are seamless, stickier, and more intuitive than ever before. With Appcues, any company that is investing in its product can make it more usable and feature-rich for customers.

Were a friendly group of ambitious people who believe the best work environment is one that is meaningful, challenging, and built on openness, autonomy, and collaboration.

Appcues is an equal opportunity employer and believes a diverse team is a stronger team.

Category: Product Management

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Appcues adds an experience layer to your product, so you can build user onboarding, NPS surveys, or feature announcements in minutes instead of in weeks.

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