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Interested in working at Hudl? Awesome. Heres what you need to know.

Our goal is to change the way coaches, athletes and analysts prepare for and stay ahead of the competition. Whether its with video, stats or a combination of the two, we want our tools to help every step of the way. Thats why were always hiringwe need the best because a product is only as good as the people behind it.

What do Product Designers on the Analysis Tribe do at Hudl?

The Analysis tribe builds products that drive preparation, evaluation and improvement for coaches and analysts.

You and your team will design market leading software by focusing on these guiding principles:
- Provide analysis that is perfectly tuned to a teams coaching philosophy.
- Give coaches and analysts time back to enable them to focus on their core job.
- Find ways to accelerate the coaching process.
- Link our products together by a common language.

In this role youll use your prototyping expertise to communicate and test your ideas with sports experts. This will include internal stakeholders, analysts and direct contact with external customers. Youll contribute to a creative environment where failure is embraced so you can move fast without compromising on research and experimentation.

We make the above process as headache-free as possible. We lead small, cross-functional teams in creating and shipping clear, delightful user experiences. Heres how we do it.

First, designers perform user research with coaches, athletes, and analysts of all sports to understand latent needs beyond just the basics of what they say they want. Designers learn why first-hand. Theres no requirements doc handed down from on high. Next, they rough out concepts to test with developers, QA, and their project manager. They sketch, they mock, and they prototype the key interactions. And often, they throw big pieces out when it doesn't click in a user study.

Once the concepts do start clicking, Product Designers start crafting the interface first (HTML & CSS for web products, Interface Builder for iOS, etc.). They team up with a developer to improve the code and get it wired into the back-end systems. Finally, they ensure the visuals are consistent throughout and match our brand styles.

But, designers dont stop after the first release. They work closely with PMs as we roll-out improvements so that we can refine it as the product gets real-world use. We can selectively enable new features to small groups of coaches and athletes to validate that were on the right track.

We also expect that you:

  • Excel in giving and receiving respectfully blunt feedback and critique.
  • Have strong beliefs, loosely held, about whats best for the product.
  • Understand that technical, business, and design constraints factor into every product decision.
  • Know how and when to tactfully say, No."
  • Are unafraid shipping small, quick experiments to validate or invalidate your assumptions and opinions.
  • Stay laser-focused on the user experience and have a willingness to question the status quo.
  • Articulate your design strategy to stakeholders and cross-functional partners.
  • Consciously choose the best medium and fidelity to convey your ideas at each stage of a project (not every project goes sketch, Photoshop, HTML).
  • Research using appropriate qualitative & quantitative methodsyou lean on Hudls millions of quantitative data points before leaping into qualitative research.
  • Deliver the same level of experience to internal and external users.

We Will

  • Treat you like an adult. We will trust you to get the work done and take a break when you need it. Use your unlimited vacation when and how you want, including extended parental leave for both moms and dads.
  • Give you what you need. We will supply the environment and tools for success, allowing you to focus on professional growth and career development.
  • Challenge you. We promise you'll be surrounded by people equally committed to the company's success.

Diversity at Hudl

Hudl is an equal opportunity employer. We understand the power of diverse teams, celebrate differences and champion inclusion.


Employee Testimonials

Chastity Grant
Senior QA Engineer

“Every day I get the chance to work with cutting edge technology alongside some of the brightest in the industry. All while given the chance to push the envelope and be innovative.”

Adam Gucwa
Senior Engineer

“Being a remote employee can be hard. Hudl makes it easy to stay connected and engaged through an incredible culture, thoughtful tools and an amazing team.”

Janaka Abeywardhana
Product Director

“Hudl's culture and values are not just writing on a wall. The impression I had of Hudl throughout my application process has held true to-date, nearly a year on.”

Mick Conlan
Elite Support Director

“Not only do I work with an amazing team, we get to work with the world's best sporting teams. Hudl products are world leading in this space.”