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Employee Testimonials

Ellen Thompson Pluralsight


Job Description

Do you like working with big data and using it to drive decisions that impact the lives of people every day? Pluralsight’s Experience Strategy team is charged with providing data-driven insights and strategic recommendations to shape the future of the learning experience that we deliver daily to 1M users across 150+ countries.

This role is bigger than creating dashboards. It will play a critical role in driving decision making. Specifically, the role will support the Product organization and focus on measuring user engagement to help improve product performance and support strategic business objectives.

Who you are committed to being:

  • Pathologically data-driven.
  • Voraciously curious. Constantly learning, exploring new concepts for growth and impact.
  • Entrepreneurial. Scrappily finding opportunities and getting things done.
  • Humble and thoughtful enough to pivot when the data suggest a change.
  • Quick, yet collaborative. Gets things done without alienating collaborators.
  • A systems-thinker. Always watching for second-order implications.
  • A teacher. Evangelizing user engagement analysis, and helping others see the vision.

What you’ll own:

  • Make data-driven recommendations to the Product organization on how to improve the user experience and business performance based on an understanding of the entire ecosystem, not just one feature or data point.
  • Serve as a quantitative balance throughout the entire product development process (research, design, implement, and iteration).
  • Define, build, analyze, and monitor new KPIs that inform product strategy.
  • Analyze and report on user behavior to non-technical business partners.
  • Collect, process, clean, transform and validate data from a variety of sources so that it can be used for analysis by the team and the business.
  • Coordinate, validate, and monitor Adobe Analytics site tracking parameters/implementation.
  • Understand Pluralsight business, product strategy, data, and tools.
  • Create and validate ETL pipelines based on client side data to generate views/tables.
  • Develop, document, and implement data models that drive deep and holistic understanding of how users engage with our ecosystem via a mix of deterministic/statistical methods, models, and algorithms using Python, R, or Scala

Experience you’ll need:

  • Ideally, BA/BS degree in either a CS, Applied Mathematics, Statistics, Economics, or another quantitative discipline.
  • Extensive experience with Adobe Analytics or Google Analytics reporting consoles.
  • Solid understanding of client-side analytics tracking and event/metadata tagging strategies.
  • Experience debugging differences between the client-side data layer and the analytics reporting console. 
  • Ability to understand and articulate how data points and product features interrelate and impact other larger systems or user behaviors.
  • Experience with data management platforms (e.g. AWS, Hadoop, PostgreSQL, BigQuery)
  • Expertise writing, tuning and maintaining complex SQL statements
  • Expertise in a programming language (Python, Scala, Java) for statistical analysis, data pipeline management, and analytics implementation.
  • Ability to programmatically manipulate and analyze large complex data sets from a variety of sources. This includes both ad hoc analysis as well as long form presentations.
  • Experience with data warehousing architecture, modeling, pipeline and ETL processes and tools.
  • Excellent at communicating/breaking-down complex data and its implications to technical team members and non-technical business partners.
  • Some experience using Tableau.
  • Ability to prioritize tasks and projects in an environment with sporadic needs

Working at Pluralsight

Founded in 2004 and trusted by Fortune 500 companies, Pluralsight is the technology skills platform organizations and individuals in 150+ countries count on to create progress for the world.

Our platform helps technologists master their craft and take control of their careers. We empower businesses everywhere to build adaptable teams, speed up release cycles and become scalable, reliable and secure. We come to work everyday knowing we’re helping our customers build the skills that power innovation.

And we don’t let fear, egos or drama distract us from our mission. Our mission to democratize technology skills is what drives us and our values are at the helm of how we work together. It’s our commitment to practicing them day in, day out that enables our performance. We’re adults, and we treat each other that way. We have the autonomy to do our jobs, transparency to eliminate office politics and trust each other to do the right thing. We thrive in an environment with creativity around every corner, challenges that keep us on our toes, and peers who inspire us to be the best we can be. We bring different viewpoints, backgrounds and experiences, and united by our mission, we are one.  

Bring yourself. Pluralsight is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, age or veteran status.

Additional Information

All your information will be kept confidential according to EEO guidelines.


Employee Testimonials

Ellen Thompson Pluralsight
Ellen Thompson
Special Projects Leader

My 2.3 years of being a part of Pluralsight has been one of the most rewarding experiences for me both personally and professionally. I've been able to work with THE brightest and kindest people, all of whom are united together to change the world for the better. Pair this with the incredible benefits packages, extraordinary leadership team, and steady astronomical success? If you had asked me if it was possible to find a company like this ~2 years ago, I would've said no.

Shayna Cummings
Software Engineer

Shayna is passionate about advancing educational opportunities for everyone. She serves as a Director for Women Who Code in Boston, a teaching assistant for Girl Develop It and an instructor at General Assembly.

“Greater access to technical education is not only essential for empowering learners, but integral to helping our industry grow and bring in the diversity needed for businesses to evolve. Women and people from underrepresented backgrounds in tech need to be supported and empowered to grow in their roles.

Tech is changing (and has already changed) everything about our lives, and the more people involved in the creation and decision making, the better."

Senior Content Technologist

Isaac is an author, speaker, technologist and STEM education advocate, and currently leading the Pluralsight Skills Strategy team. He is active in STEM/STEAM initiatives, and is focused on improving lives through education.

"Pluralsight’s mission is my mission. I had an experience where I realized I wanted to do something about STEM education. Not just worry about it, not complain
that, ‘someone ought to do something,’ but to actually find a career path that will allow me to make a difference. I found Pluralsight, and the rest is history.

Doing things for myself makes me happy; doing things for others makes me joyful."

Maureen Botoman
Engineering Manager

A self-taught programmer, Maureen is a strong advocate for junior devs. She was pivotal in starting Pluralsight’s summer internship program, now in its second year, and is a teaching assistant for the organization Girl Develop It.

“The commitment to being a steward of our community, both in Utah and globally, is one of my favorite things about Pluralsight. We are all so fortunate to have the opportunities that we have, and as a company, we need to come together to help other people receive the same opportunities. We empower people from all walks of life to obtain the tools and skills needed to change the world. Creating pathways for success for people to skill up and find meaningful work, whether or not they grew up with financial means, is one of the most rewarding things I have ever worked on.”

Lead Analytics Engineer - Experienc

Curtis is a data visualization expert and Tableau Ambassador, and holds the title of 2016 Tableau Iron Viz champion.

“It’s hard for me to envision a future where my children don’t have the fundamental need for being well-versed in technology. Pluralsight is working on making that a reality in our schools. Our commitment to uplifting the lives of youth is one of the biggest reasons I came to work here.

My favorite opportunity that has stemmed from my Tableau Ambassador status is being able to teach data visualization in the MSIS program at the University of Utah. It’s really cool to be able to promote online technology education by day, and contribute in the classroom environment by night!”

Saswati Samantaray
Data Science Analyst

At the age of 25, Saswati moved from India to Utah to pursue a master’s degree in information systems.

“Coming from a culturally diverse and vibrant country like India, I have witnessed people who have access to the highest level of education, and also people with strong potential who have no access. Working for Pluralsight gives me immense pleasure because of the hope that we will be able to make a positive impact and elevate the lives of bright young people.

At Pluralsight we are a community of lifelong learners—we adapt to change and move forward. There is no greater privilege than doing the work that you actually love, and contributing to build a brighter future for society.”