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Principal Video Systems Engineer

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About Brightcove

Brightcove is revolutionizing the way organizations deliver video experiences. We are passionate about online video, and day in and day out we help our customers focus on using video to move their business in meaningful ways in broadcasting, publishing, marketing, or enterprise communications. We do this through continuous technical innovation, nurturing a broad video-centric ecosystem, and by being a true partner to our customers. Video moves us and it moves our customers, nearly 5,500 of them in 70 countries.

Position Overview

Brightcoves Research is a team of highly motivated, fast-paced, and highly skilled researchers with expertise in video compression, video processing, and video delivery systems. We develop highly innovative, state of the art technologies for use in future Brightcove products. Our work also results in contributions to relevant standards and industry organizations (ISO/IEC MPEG, JVET, SMPTE, DASH-IF, UHDF, CTA WAVE, etc.), patent applications, and publications in peer-reviewed conferences and journals. We seek candidates with the following qualifications and responsibilities:

Job Responsibilities

  • Research, design, and implement innovative technologies for improving end-to-end performance of large-scale OTT media delivery system. Examples may include improved methods for dynamic selection/configuration of CDNs, distribution of traffic between CDNs, dynamic packaging, dynamic filtering of manifests, etc.
  • Conduct validation studies, including staging deployments and collecting statistics from relevant components of the system (CDNs, players, cloud and edge platforms) confirming improvements of the proposed methods
  • Assist with transition of validated technologies from research to production
  • Actively follow evolutions of existing CDNs, edge computing platforms, P2P offloading, and other platforms and technologies relevant to OTT video delivery
  • Actively follow and contribute to developments in relevant standards (e.g. MPEG DASH, CMAF, WebRTC, QUIC, etc.)
  • Document and present the results in various forms, such as standards contributions, publications, technical white papers, patent applications, etc.


  • PhD or MS in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, or related fields
  • 10+ years of progressive experience in the design and optimizations of mass-scale streaming media delivery systems and related technologies (CDNs, edge caches, transmuxers, transcoders, ad splicers, etc.)
  • Knowledge of system-level standards: HLS, MPEG DASH, CMAF, ISOBMFF, MP2TS, etc.
  • Knowledge of structures of payloads and elementary streams: H.264/AVC, HEVC, AAC, AC3, etc.
  • Knowledge of means for carriage of subtitles, SCTE35, and other metadata in OTT systems
  • Knowledge of deployment guidelines associated with media delivery systems (Apple HLS deployment guidelines, DASH-IF IOPs, DVB-DASH, HbbTV DASH, CMAF content spec, etc.)
  • Knowledge of existing libraries, SDKs, and tools for stream-level processing: MainConcept mux/demux SDKs, Manzanita/DTS TS SDKs, LibAV/ffmpeg, Bento4, GPAC, etc.
  • Experience using stream analyzers: Sencore CMA 1280, Tektronix MTS, Elecard StreamEye, etc.
  • Experience using multiple programming languages, development tools, and environments used in production systems: C/C++, Java, NodeJS, Go, Python, Ruby, Erlang, Elixir, etc.
  • Experience in cloud development using AWS infrastructure, Dockers, Kubernetes, etc.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to travel domestically and internationally
  • Experience working with CDNs, understanding of their performance characteristics, logs, etc. is a plus
  • Experience working with both relational and NoSQL data stores is a plus
  • Experience working with DRM technologies is a plus
  • Experience working with MSE, EME and other client technologies is a plus

Working at Brightcove

As the undisputed global leader in powering premium video for our customers, Brightcove recruits and retains highly qualified and motivated individuals, creating an environment where people can innovate and achieve their best, and we reward them for their performance by giving them the opportunity to share in the companys success. We offer competitive compensation, stock options, 401k matching, medical and dental insurance plans, and tuition reimbursement.

This role is open to our Boston, Scottsdale, Seattle, or London offices. Relocation or work from other locations will be considered for the right candidate.

If youve gotten all the way to the bottom of this description, thank you for your interest in Brightcove! If this role sounds like something that is exciting to you please dont hesitate to apply, even if you dont meet all of our qualifications. We recognize that no candidate is perfect and Brightcove would love to have the chance to get to know you.

Send us your resume if you are interested and want to learn more!

Category: Software Engineering/QA

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