: Principal DevOps Engineer - Frameworks
170 Tracer Lane
Waltham, MA 02452

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Zoominfo Employee Testimonial
Zoominfo Employee Testimonial



The Infrastructure and DevOps group (IDO) is responsible for innovation in infrastructure and automation for ZoomInfo Engineering. Our size, culture, and the support we receive from every area of the company allows us unusual latitude and agility. Were using that to build world-class, multi-provider cloud infrastructures, based on the best technologies available, almost completely unhindered by design debt.

Within the IDO group, Infrastructure Frameworks Engineers select, develop, and maintain cross-cloud infrastructure frameworks, monitor and manage infrastructure costs across cloud providers, architect and maintain telemetry and observability tooling, and mentor the broader engineering organization on frameworks technologies.    As ZoomInfo deepens its reliance on machine learning and new data technologies, and expands its infrastructure to multiple cloud providers, this teams responsibilities continue to expand.

As a Principal DevOps Engineer, you will be responsible for assisting in defining our approach to managing a multi-cloud infrastructure, serving as a technical lead and architect of frameworks technologies, and training the IDO group and broader engineering organization.

Staff in Zoom Engineering are given autonomy and personal discretion in their work, and they get to see their work have a direct and tangible impact on the success of Engineering, and the companys broader goals. If the idea of operating within an international team, in a fast-paced work environment appeals to you, we want to hear from you.

Summary of essential job functions

  • Creating and maintaining frameworks for Cloud infrastructure (AWS, GCP, Azure)
  • Working hands on with Cloud Infrastructure (AWS, GCP, Azure)
  • Researching, architecting, implementing the use of new technologies
  • Defining and managing Cloud Infrastructure roles and permissions (IAM) and Cloud security and governance policies
  • Defining the architecture of and implementing cross-cloud secrets management, container key/value store, container orchestration, and service mesh technologies
  • Championing best practices and standards within the team, and in the broader Engineering organization
  • Thorough, clear, concise documentation of the above 

Minimum requirements

  • Experience managing infrastructure on a Cloud provider (AWS/Google Cloud/Azure 3+ years)
  • Experience managing Linux systems in virtual environments (5+ years)
  • Experience creating, deploying, maintaining, and troubleshooting Docker images (2+ years)
  • Experience scoping, deploying, maintaining and troubleshooting Kubernetes clusters (2+ years)
  • Experience with large-scale migration of server-based workloads to Kubernetes
  • Experience in developing and maintaining an active codebase in any language, preferably collaboratively (Groovy, Go, Python, HCL, Node, and Java preferred)
  • Experience with PaaS technologies (Kubernetes, ECS, EKS, Google Kubernetes Engine, and Google App Engine preferred)
  • Experience with infrastructure as code in an enterprise environment (2+ years).   
  • Experience with Hashicorp Vault and Consul in an enterprise, cross-cloud environment
  • Experience with and deep understanding of serverless technologies (Lambda, Cloud functions, Azure functions, serverless containers, etc)
  • Experience with and understanding of service mesh technologies (Envoy/Istio)
  • Demonstrated proficiency with a scripting language (Python, Bash)
  • Thorough understanding of network infrastructure and concepts (VPNs, routers and routing protocols, TCP/IP, IPv4 and v6, UDP, OSI layers, etc.)
  • Experience with load balancing and proxy technologies (Nginx, HAProxy, Apache, SQUID, ELB/ALB, etc.)
  • Experience debugging and troubleshooting complex problems in the cloud
  • Thorough understanding of CI/CD and related concepts.
  • Slack-native mentality.

Abilities required

  • Demonstrated ability to learn new technologies quickly and independently
  • Demonstrated ability to manage large-scale projects from design to completion
  • Strong technical, organizational and interpersonal skills
  • Strong ability and desire to mentor
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills


  • Bachelors Degree in Computer Science or a related technical discipline, or the equivalent combination of education, technical certifications, training, or work experience.

Employee Testimonials

Zoominfo Employee Testimonial
Breda Hurley
Director, Customer Marketing

I have the opportunity to work on challenging products, achieve success as a team, and have the ability to grow within the organization.

Zoominfo Employee Testimonial
Ryan Parker
Account Executive

I have a support system that empowers me to be as successful as I want to be

Zoominfo Employee Testimonial
Chris Claude
Video Production Manager

My managers are there to support my career and help me grow.

Zoominfo Employee Testimonial
Natalie Bar-Natan
Applications Manager

I can't wait for the weekend to end.