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Cecilia Ho Skillsoft
Deborah Chanderbali Skillsoft

Principal BI Analyst - Product

Are you passionate about learning and intellectually curious? Do you thrive in a fast paced, innovative work environment where team members hold themselves and others accountable? Are you energized by trying new things, have an agile mindset and enjoy making an impact? Is working for a purpose driven organization important to you? If the answers to these questions are a resounding YES, then read on!

Skillsoft is the global leader in eLearning. We help businesses solve their biggest challenge attracting, motivating and retaining world class talent. Our team is recognized for cutting edge digital learning and human capital management solutions. Trusted by the world's leading organizations, including 65% of the Fortune 500, we train more professionals than any other company in the world. Our 100,000+ courses, videos and books are accessed over 130 million times every month, in 160 countries and 29 languages. At Skillsoft, we believe that knowledge is the fuel for innovation and innovation is the fuel for business growth.

We have recently released our next generation SaaS platform Percipio. This is the realization of our vision that brings together technology and content to create the most effective learning experience possible. As the first Product Analyst on the team, you will help us establish a data driven culture in the product organization.

We are looking for an enthusiastic and experienced product analyst to become the trusted partner of the product management team by helping discover product insights from user behavior, opportunities for growth and information to guide decisions. The Percipio users discover learning content (videos, courses, eBooks, audiobooks), consume the content, and track progress along learning paths. You will be responsible for data instrumentation, collection and analysis to help product managers make data driven decisions that increase learner engagement and ultimately help our users achieve their career aspirations.

You will have the opportunity to work with brilliant people around the globe including Product Management, Engineering teams, Content Product Management, Content Development, and User Experience Design departments.

We are all about Making Work Matter. With over 2200 employees around the world, we are always looking for amazing talent!

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Opportunity Highlights:

  • Evangelize a data driven product management culture working closely with VP of Product Management and be the authority on product data collection, accuracy and analysis.
  • Lead a cross-functional initiative in developing and implementing product data analytics practices and programs; playing a key role in building the practice.
  • Update and propose testing frameworks and/or new analysis tools to improve the capabilities of the product team.
  • Help product managers define the right success metrics for new features to meet desired objectives.
  • Create and manage Reporting and Visualization using tools such as Google Analytics, Microsoft PowerBI or Tableau to help the product team understand and react to product adoption and utilization.
  • Champion data driven product decision making by democratizing data access via easy to use, reliable dashboards.
  • Conduct ad hoc complex data analysis for potential discovery of product insights or corroborate/disprove existing hypotheses.
  • Work hand-in-hand with engineers, product managers and designers to design statistically significant A/B testing experiments.

Skills & Qualifications:


  • Analytical and Data Champion Youre rigorous in taking a data driven approach to problem solving. You have 5-10 years of proven track record of having influenced product direction and business results in an analyst role. You are very comfortable in doing cohort analysis and analyzing results of A/B testing experiments.
  • Technical You can conduct complex data analysis requiring running complex SQL queries, data cleansing and manipulation. You have worked with data analytics tools such as Google Analytics, Power BI, Tableau or similar.
  • Curiosity You are curious and excited about investigating anomalies in data and will not rest until you understand the root cause.
  • Detail oriented you are known for the quality of your work and ensuring that everything is quality checked before sharing the data broadly. You have an ability to notice patterns in data and to notice when something does not seem right. And you investigate it proactively.
  • Great communicator Youre able to explain your analysis and findings in a straightforward and actionable business terms.
  • Collaborator You have demonstrated experience working with Product Managers and UX designers and understand how to effectively help them meet their needs.
  • Proactive Learner We are all passionate about learning and you fit right in. You might not know all the answers, but you do your own research and ask the right questions to get to what you need to know.
  • Teacher You can easily separate out the noise and find the real signals and can teach others on how to derive reliable and actionable insights from volumes of data.


  • You have an undergrad or graduate degree in Statistics, Data Analytics, Finance or Marketing.
  • You are intimately familiar with instrumenting data gathering and analysis using Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.
  • You have worked on a consumer website analyzing adoption and customer usage patterns / funnel analysis.
  • Customer Focused personally demonstrated that your internal customers are a high priority by identifying, and responding to their needs in a timely and efficient manner
  • Initiative Recognizes opportunities and initiates actions to capitalize on them by looking for new and productive ways to make an impact
  • Innovative Thinking Embraces and champions new ideas and encourages others to do likewise
  • Building Organizational Commitment Demonstrates commitment, loyalty and appreciation for the organization. Conveys a high-level of concern for all employees, while helping to ensure that both their needs and those of the organization are met.

    Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us.
    If this opportunity intrigues you, we'd love for you to apply!

    NOTE TO EMPLOYMENT AGENCIES: We value the partnerships we have built with our preferred vendors. Skillsoft does not accept unsolicited resumes from employment agencies. All resumes submitted by employment agencies directly to any Skillsoft employee or hiring manager in any form without a signed Skillsoft Employment Agency Agreement on file and search engagement for that position will be deemed unsolicited in nature. No fee will be paid in the event the candidate is subsequently hired as a result of the referral or through other means.


    Why We Work Here

    Cecilia Ho Skillsoft
    Cecilia Ho
    Senior Manager Marketing Communication

    Why does your work at Skillsoft matter?
    My work matters because I am able to create content and transform it into a story, an image or bring it to live as an event, creating a tangible experience. To be able to create a compelling yet relatable experience across the region, understanding cultural nuances and different business practices. It all comes down to bringing the best experience to the customer internal and external. Being at the front line of the business, it is key to creating first and lasting impressions.

    What about the culture at Skillsoft has allowed you to shine?
    The people, the talent and the leadership. I interact with many different functions in the business regionally and globally and I am constantly amazed by the talent we have and how everyone is supportive and collaborative. The business is always evolving which provides many opportunities and new areas of growth professional. There is no limit to how much you grow because there is always room for further growth.

    Deborah Chanderbali Skillsoft
    Deborah Chanderbali
    Senior Project Manager

    Why does your work at Skillsoft matter?
    I am part of a team that works to ensure our clients achieve their goals. I not only help our clients to resolve challenges/issues, but also learn from them as well. When our clients are successful it means that I am doing my job well which is both rewarding and motivating. Additionally, I look forward to working with our internal partners to identify and develop processes that can better support us as an organization and help improve our service.

    What about the culture at Skillsoft has allowed you to shine?
    The supportive and collaborative culture at Skillsoft inspires me to always do my best. I learn daily from an amazing group of passionate, driven and talented coworkers, which in turn affords me the ability to shine in my role. Working collectively with such a talented group of talented, driven and passionate coworkers fills me with a sense of accomplishment and encourages me to grow and develop professionally and personally. I am happy to be part of a culture that is both nurturing and motivating.

    Debbie Harn Skillsoft
    Debbie Harn
    Team Lead, Implementation Consultant

    Why does your work at Skillsoft matter?
    As a member of the Implementation Consultant team, I like to say that we make eLearning dreams come true. Our team guides clients through the journey from implementation kick-off to launch, in which the client’s vision for their learning program is translated into reality using Skillsoft digital technology. Seeing new learning resources become available to an organization’s employees is incredibly rewarding.

    What about the culture at Skillsoft has allowed you to shine?
    There is infinite room at Skillsoft to innovate, learn, and grow. I have the opportunity to collaborate with exceptionally talented people on my team and throughout the organization on a daily basis, which challenges me to expand my own skillset.

    Anil Ala Skillsoft
    Anil Ala
    Senior Software Engineer

    Why does your work at Skillsoft matter?
    I am working as a Senior software engineer for Percipio engineering. The plethora of learning and growth opportunities with a lot of development resources makes me always excited and highly motivated to work for Skillsoft. Skillsoft being a leader in the e-learning industry and my contribution towards Percipio helping engineers of other companies to up skill in different aspects of professional development. People and culture another aspect which makes me always come to work with smile on my face and I always think “Thank God It’s Monday” after every weekend.

    What about the culture at Skillsoft has allowed you to shine?
    Culture is another successful ingredient of the Skillsoft company. Skillsoft culture always encourages and provides opportunities for every employee. Open desk policy of Skillsoft culture helps employees to share their ideas, feedback etc. towards any level of company hierarchy. Some of my positive experiences include recognition of employees’ hard work, work towards employee growth, feedback provided, frequent team lunches and treating employees like family

    Michael Mosgove Skillsoft
    Michael Mosgove
    Director SMB Solutions Architects

    Why does your work at Skillsoft matter?
    I am definitely an HR nerd. Working with and serving people to empower them and improve their lives, I believe, is at the core of human capital management. Skillsoft is doing exactly that using technology (hence the perfect place for an HR nerd). With skill enabling content, and the amazing scope and scale of the SumTotal platform, I get to work with clients to show how technology can improve the work experience and lives of their people.

    What about the culture at Skillsoft has allowed you to shine?
    Skillsoft empowers me to take ownership of my career and development. As a Solution Architect, I am encouraged to specialize in the areas that most interest me and develop and build my “brand” as an HR and Technology specialist. We are also given the opportunity to collaborate with our managers in our monthly review process to discuss items like this and to receive guidance in a coaching and mentoring fashion.

    Jennifer Stephens Skillsoft
    Jennifer Stephens
    Senior Partner Success Consultant

    Why does your work at Skillsoft matter?
    Education has always been my passion. I graduated with an education degree; and being able to put that knowledge to use helping others learn and grow has been incredibly rewarding. Learning is the proverbial “pebble in the water” and causes a ripple effect of positivity throughout an entire organization. Educated employees are more engaged, have higher job satisfaction and are happier overall. Happy employees provide better service to customers and happy customers mean businesses grow. When it comes down to it – learning improves peoples’ professional and personal lives. I’m so blessed to be a part of making such a positive impact every day!

    What about the culture at Skillsoft has allowed you to shine?
    Having started with Skillsoft in my 20’s (1999-2012, I feel like I grew up at this company and have had the opportunity to learn from the very best. The people here are brilliant; talented, innovative, enthusiastic and collaborative. I have never once been turned away when asking for help. Whether reaching out to an individual contributor or a C-level executive, I always get a response. The collaboration and willingness to help others makes us ALL shine, and it enables me to provide above and beyond support and service every day. Our customers and partners are getting the benefit of the collective brilliance of the entire Skillsoft team, who are without a doubt the best and brightest minds in the industry!

    Natalie Emmett Skillsoft
    Natalie Emmett
    Office Manager

    Why does your work at Skillsoft matter?
    I am the UK Office Manager providing support to all staff members, visitors from other offices and customers.

    What about the culture at Skillsoft has allowed you to shine?
    In work, I have a very supportive manager and colleagues. However, the true values of how far this extends occurred last year when I had a seizure and the measures that everybody went to support me during my recovery makes me realize what a great second family I am part of.