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Partner Marketing Manager, Tech Solutions

225 Franklin Street, 10th Floor
Boston, MA 02111

Were looking for a driven, self-motivated individual to own our strategic relationships with eCommerce platform partners and other tech solution providers in our ecosystems. In this role, youll wear many hats: from relationship management to product marketing to demand generation. On all fronts, youll be playing a key role in helping our business grow.

Youll be charged with identifying the opportunities that make sense for Klaviyo; then planning, executing, measuring and optimizing these marketing programs. Youll also be counted on to educate and support our platform partners: making sure our they know what we do; understand the value we deliver to their clients and end-users; talk about us in a way thats consistent with our brand; and think of us whenever theyre advising their customers on how to drive more revenue.

Your core areas of responsibility include:

Joint marketing programs with platform partners and strategic tech vendors.

Youll take ownership of our formalized marketing agreements and will lead the charge on executing them. Our co-marketing efforts include things like joint events, sales team trainings, content creation and co-promotion. Youll be in charge of planning, executing, measuring and optimizing these activities.

Ongoing education for platform partners.

Our partners should know and understand what makes Klaviyo different. Repurpose - and occasionally create - educational materials and distribute them regularly so we can make sure theyre on top of new releases, key features, case studies, tutorials, and more. Plan in-person training sessions, webinars, or regional events - whatever you need to do to make sure they know (and love) Klaviyo.

Klaviyos App store listings.

Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento and other platform partners host app stores for products that work alongside their platforms. Youll be in charge of updating and optimizing Klaviyos listings to ensure theyre accurate and on-brand and being found by prospective customers.

Maintain strong relationships.

Our platform partnerships are fundamental to the growth and success of Klaviyo. Youll be responsible for building and maintaining these strategic relationships. You should plan on visiting these partners on a regular basis, staying on top of whos who in the organization and ensure the right people at Klaviyo are looped into product and organizational changes.

Form new partnerships.

Whether its new opportunities with existing partners, or brand new partnerships, youll be in charge of identifying, evaluating, negotiating and executing on new partnerships for Klaviyo.

In this role, your performance will be measured by:

- The volume & quality of signups generated through platform partners.

- The MRR attributed to your marketing efforts.

- The number and strength of relationships within our platform partner organizations.

Getting Started - Key Outcomes

In the first 30 days, youll have:

  • Gotten in touch with each of our key contacts at our platform partners.
  • Mapped out the organizations, identified who you need to know and begun to execute on a plan for outreach.
  • Mapped out opportunities for co-marketing with our primary platform partners.
  • Inventoried our existing content and begun to repackage it for our partners. Established KPIs and goals to measure your progress.

Within 90 days, youll have:

  • Executed one co-marketing initiative.
  • Visited one or more of our partner organizations to establish face-to-face relationships.
  • Defined and begun to execute a plan for communicating with platform partners about product releases and new features.

Before you hit your first year anniversary, youll:

  • Contribute to doubling the contribution of MRR that we get from all partners.
  • Increase the MRR specifically attributed to platform partners by 3x.
  • Defined and distributed a framework for identifying and working with strategic tech partners.

About You

You have a knack for building strong business relationships, and youre good at networking and meeting new people. You understand the value of partners and love working with them to help drive results for your organization. At the same time, you dont cave to every demand. Youre business-savvy, have a perspective on what makes a good partnership and are willing to do whats best for your company. You also have a strong grasp on what good marketing looks like, and youre excited to teach other people about data-driven marketing. Youre smart, professional, accountable and take pride in representing your company. You love being part of a team, and are energized by a high-growth environment. Youre the type of person who proactively stays in the know on whats going at your company. You work comfortably cross-functionally. Youre not afraid to speak up or make recommendations. And you absolutely love to be a part of building something new.

Category: Marketing

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