Wayfair: Packaging Engineer
4 Copley Place - Floor 7
Boston, MA 02116



  • Hands on leadership and execution of assigned packaging engineering activities; Package design, development, verification, and implementation. The package development process includes project management, holding suppliers accountable for sample delivery, testing, and implementation
  • Analyze data to identify skus that have high damage/defect (D&D), review the skus in to assess if packaging is the root cause of performance gaps, interpret results, and recommend actionable solutions
  • Develop and investigate solutions that result in operational improvements and greater profitability. Work closely with key stakeholders (Operations in this example) to gain alignment and buy-in
  • Manage follow-through on solution implementation and monitor performance.
  • Understand packaging automation/equipment needs, research options, develop a test/implementation plan, and successfully implement
  • Identify opportunities to enhance existing reporting tools and processes to enable more efficient troubleshooting/resolution of issues
  • Build and maintain industry knowledge and develop further expertise in the areas of logistics, packaging, supply chain efficiency/quality
  • Some (up to 50%) travel required


  • Ability to quickly address product, transportation and protective requirements. Experience with packaging materials (e. g. flexible and rigid) and packaging design (e. g. Structural, protective and graphic)
  • An understanding of packaging industries and markets, both domestic and overseas. Familiarity with key packaging standards (e. g. ISTA, ASTM), tools and concepts (e. g. dynamic shock, vibration)
  • Strong project management and multitasking skills with adherence to deadlines.
  • Well-developed written/verbal communication skills, with the ability to adapt communication strategies effectively depending on audience
  • Strong attention to detail, analytical and troubleshooting/problem-solving skills. Demonstrated ability to retrieve, organize and present data to identify root causes and key trends
  • 3-5 years management experience
  • Minimum - Bachelor Degree in Packaging Engineering or equivalent
  • Proficient in MS Office, especially Excel, is required. SQL is a plus