Knox: Market Launcher
4 Liberty Sq, 400
Boston, MA 02109


At Knox, we’re changing how homeowners build wealth. Knox makes it easy for homeowners to turn their old home into an income property when they move out. By changing the home ownership pattern, we’re giving families a way to build wealth faster and with less volatility. Landlords also love Knox because we improve the performance of their portfolio while taking work and worry off their plates. Venture funded, we’re building an extraordinary team to help us expand rapidly. We are looking for a hands-on, results driven, candidate who gets things done!

As a market launcher, you’ll spend a lot of time on the road in each new market as you’re hiring, establishing operations, and ramping up business development. You’ll have a ton of support from HQ and you will not be working alone. Still, much of the responsibility for the success or failure of each new market will rest with you. You’ll launch in a new city and, after a few months, you’ll move on to the next. You’ll be based out of our Boston office, but spend much of your time on the road. If your current position requires you to travel,

Successful candidates will likely have one of the following resumes; 1) You have been a launcher in a prior role for another rapidly expanding startup. You have led the opening of several new markets and delivered them, operating and cash flowing, to a long term operator, then moved onto a new project. Or 2) You have several years experience serially running and delivering critical projects in remote locations either in consulting, investment banking, or similar. Of course, if you don’t fit either of these 2 profiles and feel this role is your dream job, we’d love to hear from you.

You will be joining a founding leadership team made up of experienced, successful entrepreneurs with multiple ventures and exits under their belts. The ability to get things done well and quickly is paramount. You will be given a lot of autonomy and you’ll be expected to leverage your teammates in other departments to achieve results. You will be the leader who owns on the ground operations and growth from pre launch through the first 90 days of operations in a new market. By then, you’ll have transitioned responsibilities to a local market manager who you hired. Your goal is to create a reliable operation delivering world-class customer experience that, along with our demand gen team, drives explosive growth and wins evangelist customers.


  • Lead new market launches
  • Hire local market manager, train them, make sure they have the resources they need to succeed
  • Assist in hiring the first 2 teammates who report to the market manager.
  • Establish on the ground infrastructure, operations, and relationships with local vendors.
  • Train new market staff in critical functions of delivering the Knox platform and amazing customer experiences.
  • Work with leadership team to choose new markets to launch
  • Work with marketing and demand gen to develop market specific campaigns that drive consistent growth in each new market
  • Lead all aspects of new market execution. Prioritize among numerous competing demands on your time.
  • Plan and manage the early stages of the next market while finishing up the implementation of the last one.
  • Ensure fast, effective & quality delivery.
  • Build, manage and mentor excellent teams.

Requirements, Skills, and Characteristics:

  • Highly results driven - You are all about getting it done, achieving goals, and high quality output. You hold yourself and those around you to high standards and rapid delivery timelines.
  • Leadership – Success building and leading teams. Experience getting results from contributors who do not directly report to you.
  • Process-driven – Experience driving an effective process and building process where none exists. Able to lead, prioritize, and manage resources in an agile environment that embraces a culture of testing, launching, and learning.
  • Background - Experience in consumer financial products and/or property related businesses will be helpful. A working understanding of residential property investing will be very helpful.
  • Rapid Growth - Experience in scaling and rapid company growth is important. Startup experience on your resume is a plus.
  • Split Testing - Dedicated to testing everything and constantly improving based on tight metrics and meticulous attention to optimizing an operating model for performance and output.
  • Team Builder & Manager – A strong and experienced manager who enjoys developing a team. Able to attract high caliber talent into the company.
  • Early-Stage Experience – Energetic, execution-oriented, do-er with previous experience in, and passion for, entrepreneurial environments. Ability to juggle multiple priorities and make things happen with limited resources. Knox is building a team of A players. You will be blown away by the capability and productivity of your teammates.
  • Passionate about Customers & Mission – Capacity for implementing and creating from a blank canvas. Always driving to improve metrics and scale, but never willing to do so at the expense of delighting users. Always champions the customer’s perspective. Genuine passion for the Knox mission.
  • Honest and straightforward communicator – First rate oral and written communication skills are paramount.
  • Leader - A can do posture and develops trust and confidence from others quickly through performance.
  • Analytical – Understands and evolves the operation and model to meet client needs and business goals, by analyzing product data, customer feedback, research and insights from the team.