Bullhorn: Manager, Database Administration

The Manager, Database Administrator will be responsible for managing a large distributed database environment utilizing primarily MS SQL Server for a global customer base as well as the team of DBAs. Some key areas of focus are enterprise size database management, mission critical backup, recovery and high availability technologies and 24/7 monitoring. The ideal candidate will have 7+ years of experience with RDBMS including 5+ years of experience with MS SQL Server; they will be a self-starter with strong technical skills and the ability to handle the fast paced work environment.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Assist with the design and maintenance of redundant systems, policies, and procedures for disaster recovery to ensure effective availability, protection, confidentiality of data, and integrity of data assets.

  • Be a technical lead and mentor to the other DBAs

  • Conduct research and make recommendations on database products, services, protocols, and standards in support of procurement and development efforts.

  • Be a consultant in the review, planning, testing, and execution of business applications and database upgrades

  • Monitor client response times and research response times that are higher than the set goal

  • Contextual understanding of the environment (Domain Expertise)

  • Develop and track key database measures and metrics

  • Ensure system availability and performance

  • Ensure 24/7 availability of the production application environment.

  • Develop key automation, monitoring and performance tuning software

  • Configure, deploy, maintain, tune and monitor all database instances

  • Review and tune data access calls and stored procedures to ensure both individual database performance and overall system performance

  • Prioritize and assign tasks while maintaining the weekly Jira sprint board

Job Requirements:

  • BS in Computer Science, Engineering or related field required.

  • 1+ Year of experience leading a DBA team

  • Must have a minimum of 7+ years of RDBMS experience, including 5+ years experience with Microsoft SQL Server.

  • Experience designing, developing and maintaining multi-terabyte database environments is desirable.

Bonus points for:

  • Experience with MySQL 5.x and/or Oracle

  • Experience maintaining a high volume, mission critical application in a SaaS environment
  • Experience with database replication and clustering, always on strategies and solutions