Klaviyo: Lower SMB Segment Marketing Manager
225 Franklin Street, 10th Floor
Boston, MA 02111

As a Segment Marketing Manager, youll be responsible for leading our understanding of and go-to-market approach for lower SMB online brands. This role is equal parts marketing strategist and practitioner -- and 100% customer-centric. The successful candidate will be just as comfortable with win-loss analysis and making recommendations for distribution channels as they are chatting up existing and prospective Klaviyo customers and making copy suggestions for our website.

Core responsibilities include:

Market research. Calculate the total addressable market for lower SMB online brands. Use a combination of quantitative and qualitative research to identify market problems and opportunities. Document and distribute competitive momentum. Identify reasons why we are and are not successful with the market segment today.

Strategic messaging development. Translate market research into a compelling narrative for every stage of the buyer journey. Work closely with your marketing team peers to define how best to articulate that narrative across each touchpoint, and monitor the experience we deliver to entrepreneurial ecommerce brands to ensure were communicating effectively.

Segment-specific marketing planning. Use market research and messaging strategy to develop a go-to-market plan specific to your audience segment. Define key channels, content types, and activities to ensure were effective at reaching ecommerce entrepreneurs, making them aware of Klaviyo, and motivating them to consider our product.

Persona development & training. Refine and/or develop personas specific to your market segment. Ensure those personas and any supporting materials are kept up-to-date, and work across the organization to help develop and strengthen understanding of and empathy for lower SMB businesses.

Your success requires close collaboration with your peers in marketing, as well as those in sales, success, and product management team. Your success will ultimately be measured against growth in monthly recurring revenue in your customer segment.

Getting Started / Key Outcomes

In the first 30 days, youll have:

  • Gotten up to speed on our product, business, and company
  • Analyzed historic business performance against your segment
  • Spoken to at least 10 customers in your segment

Within 90 days, youll have:

  • Conducted market sizing & penetration analysis
  • Development a segment-specific SWOT analysis
  • Refined existing customer personas & kicked off cross-company training

Before you hit your first year anniversary, youll:

  • Have measured brand awareness and market opportunity for your segment.
  • Improved business performance tracking against your segment
  • Contributed to 100% Y-Y growth in your market segment