: Lead Smart Behaviors Designer
52 Roland Street
Boston, MA 02129

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Piaggio Fast Forward conducts observational and other research on the ways that people and things move in and around pedestrian environments, both indoor and outdoor. The resulting data are analyzed to help establish performance specifications for vehicles designed to operate in these same environments while interacting with human operators.

This position calls for a designer with the documented ability to move between physical and digital environments seamlessly. Day to day will involve the analysis of hundreds of data sets in a digital model or designing an environment to be built full scale or defining instructions for models to move through a built environment. 

We seek a designer with a trained eye to understand how people move in spaces and a rigorous analytic approach to observed human behaviors in the built environment. The fundamental principle of this team is discovering both the overlooked obvious patterns and the never looked at before behaviors of people moving with each other and with things in pedestrian environments. This team is building a library of appropriate behaviors that is defined in design documents. Smart Behaviors does not work through brute force practices but through observation, keen insight, and design. Candidates should have a proven track record of providing clarity and leadership in the face of complicated and seemingly intractable problems.


Key Responsibilities:

  • Design tests, mockup environments and run tests
  • Analyze tests and data to compose lab studies
  • Collaborate with Robotics Engineers to set clear parameters for software development
  • Design documentation of written and 2D drafted documents for the perception and software team. This includes the dimension of moving objects with trajectories, clearances, acceleration, deceleration, rotation and paths.
  • Mentor Robot Behavior Engineers
  • Continuously research new ways to improve gita robots indoor and outdoor performance.



  • Domain expertise in the built environment including
    • construction standards
    • ADA guidelines
    • indoor and outdoor pedestrian terrains including landscape and transportation spaces in the public realm
  • Experienced in 3D modelling and animation (Maya, Rhinoceros, etc)
  • 2D designs skills for drafted technical documents of moving people and robots
  • Writing and communication skills 

Preferred Skills:

  • 3+ years relevant experience
  • Experience with Motion Capture 
  • Experience with data analysis 
  • Experience with software like Shogun, Unity, etc
  • Familiarity with simulation tools 
  • Rigging and kinematic animation skills and experience animating people and things 
  • Simulation skills with human agents for the analysis and modeling of pedestrian movement in 3D environments from either game design or robotics industries


  • Undergraduate or Graduate degree in environmental, architectural, entertainment, media, mobility, or product design

Employee Testimonials

Smart Behaviors Specialist

Hard, novel and interesting problems to solve; great people, cool robots and a handful of dogs -- it's all good stuff.


My favorite part about working at Piaggio Fast Forward is the people. They create an environment at PFF that makes it a place I enjoy spending time. After all, PFF internally stands for Pretty Fun Friends. That’s what you’ll get working at PFF.

Director of Operations and People

Being a part of pioneering something so innovative is truly special but it’s the people that keep me here and make me want to work hard. The fast growth always provides new challenges to solve and there’s the opportunity to learn as much as you want.

Design Lead

PFF is equal parts challenging and rewarding. I have the opportunity here to help build something from the ground up. At the same time I'm expanding my knowledge of design across disciplines through product development from concept to completion.