Carbonite: Jr. Salesforce Developer
2 Avenue de Lafayette
Boston, MA 02111

Employee Testimonials


Carbonite’s is looking to add a Junior Salesforce Developer to the Business Applications Team. You would be working daily with a mix of Business Analysts and Developers on the Salesforce platform, building out solutions and integrations for the Sales and Marketing teams. Carbonite recognizes the importance of the Salesforce eco-system, and we as a team intend to deliver maximum value to the business. You will be exposed to a variety of technologies (marketing automation, integration platforms, databases, billing platforms, App Exchange apps, and more).

Specific Objectives and Responsibilities:

Your First Six Months:

  • Develop an understanding of our products and go to market strategy, as well as Sales and Marketing team structures and objectives.
  • Develop an understanding of our applications architecture and core business application functions.
  • Take on an active role in ongoing projects, as well as daily requests from the business.

Six to Twelve Months and Beyond:

  • Proactively uncover opportunities to improve and optimize processes and interfaces on the Salesforce platform.
  • Continue to support ongoing projects, as well as daily requests from the business.

Key Challenges to Overcome:

  • There are multiple concurrent initiatives; business application stack refactoring, corporate acquisitions, supporting rapidly scaling go-to-market projects – to be able to effectively work with multiple teams to prioritize and deliver on each of these projects will be key.
  • To be successful will require extreme ownership, with a drive to become the Subject Matter Expert of your domain – using that expertise to build a platform upon which the enterprise can grow and scale. Extreme ownership means being hands-on with data, systems and processes.

What will make you successful at Carbonite:

  • You are technical – but you are business minded. I.e. you don’t want to code for coding’s sake, but you want the work you develop to make an impact for the business.
  • This means you’re able to speak at technical levels to developers, but also in business application terms to non-technical business users.
  • Carbonite’s growth phase requires flexibility; being able to adapt with ease.
  • The ability to see multiple paths to success for every challenge and then effectively choose and implement the correct one.
  • Good sense of humor goes a long way!

Skills & Experience:

  • An engineering degree/background
  • Proven programming language capability; C#, Java
  • Hands-on database experience, with a strong understanding of data-models and SQL
  • Strong MS Excel capabilities for modeling data
  • Clear and confident communicator, both in person and in writing (requirements documentation, design documentation, etc) – your ideas, challenges and proposals need to be heard and understood.

What you'll gain:

  • Ideally you have Admin and Apex development experience - but if not, we'll train you.
  • The Carbonite team is engaged in the Salesforce community, encouraging attendance at local events.
  • Obtaining Salesforce certifications is encouraged; and paid for by the company.
  • You will gain a broad understanding of the modern "Business Application Stack" - ie the systems and processes that support a company from within - touching nearly every part of the enterprise - Marketing, Sales, Operations, Finance, Legal, Product, Engineering and Customer Support.

Company Overview:

Carbonite provides a complete Data Protection Platform for businesses and the IT professionals who serve them. From backup and disaster recovery to data migration, high availability and endpoint protection, our flexible solutions can be tailored to meet the data protection needs of any business.

Carbonite solutions are strengthened by our outstanding team members and through strategic acquisitions—like our purchase of leading endpoint protection provider Mozy Inc., and high availability specialist DoubleTake Software. Our laser focus on security and our track record of meeting customers' unique requirements are two more reasons why businesses around the globe depend on Carbonite.

Carbonite is made up of over 1,000 smart and dedicated individuals who work at locations all over the world. We foster a thriving, dynamic environment rich with inventive minds and entrepreneurial spirit. With our robust Data Protection Platform, we are well-positioned in a rapidly growing market. We're currently looking for talented people to join the Carbonite team both in the U.S. and globally. Are you ready to grow with us? 

Carbonite, Inc. is an equal employment opportunity and affirmative action employer does not discriminate based upon race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, genetic information, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, protected veteran status, status as a qualified individual with a disability, or any other characteristic protected by law.  Upon request, accommodations will be made available during the recruitment process for applicants with a disability. If you require accommodations, we will work with you to provide or arrange for the provision of suitable accommodation wherever possible.  All qualified applicants are encouraged to apply.


Employee Testimonials

Cristiane Evans
Principal Software Engineer

What has been the highlight of your Carbonite career so far?

Over the past six years, Carbonite has given me the opportunity to work with some of the most innovative and supportive engineering teams, the autonomy to utilize market leading technology, and the flexibility to balance my workload and support a family.

Johnathan Ferrick
Product Manager

How would you describe Carbonite's culture?

Carbonite is a highly collaborative company. With offices in different geographic locations, the Carbonite culture makes it very easy to communicate and collaborate with other employees. Managers have an open door policy and most sit with their teams instead of in an office. Carbonistas tend to have in-person conversations to work on cross-functional projects instead of email or chat, so it is pretty common for someone to just walk over to someone’s desk to talk through things.

Rutuja Honnatti
Senior Business Intelligence Engineer

What is the number one best thing about working here at Carbonite?

The best thing about Carbonite is the independence that leads you to take responsibility for your performance and schedule, which helps you reach your career goals and contribute to the business at the highest level.

Sam Carmichael
Customer Success Manager

In your mind, what makes Carbonite stand out from the rest?

Carbonite is invested in the training and development of its employees. Not just for their current role, but for any role they may hold in the future. They strike an excellent work/life balance, and offer very competitive pay and benefits. It is definitely a company where an employee can grow, make an impact, make a lot of connections, and end up staying for years to come.