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Employee Testimonials

Alex Gladd - Lookout Employee
Heinzel Factora - Lookout Employee


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Lookout is a cybersecurity company that makes it possible for individuals and enterprises to be both mobile and secure. With 100 million mobile sensors fueling a dataset of virtually all the mobile code in the world, the Lookout Security Cloud can identify connections that would otherwise go unseen - predicting and stopping mobile attacks before they do harm. The worlds leading mobile network operators, including AT&T, Deutsche Telekom, EE, KDDI, Orange, Sprint, T-Mobile and Telstra, have selected Lookout as its preferred mobile security solution. Lookout is also partnered with such enterprise leaders as AirWatch, Ingram Micro, Microsoft and MobileIron. Headquartered in San Francisco, Lookout has offices in Amsterdam, Boston, London, Sydney, Tokyo, Toronto and Washington, D.C. To learn more, visit www.lookout.com.

About Our Team:

The Corporate IT team at Lookout is here to keep our developers, engineers, and business units running at top efficiency. We keep technology out of the way and look how best to integrate it seamlessly into our day to day life in workspaces around the globe. From provisioning new equipment or building out cloud environments in AWS, GCP, or Azure, Corporate IT at Lookout enables our coworkers to do what they do best and leave taming the technology to us.

About the Position:

Were looking for an IT Systems Engineer to join us in supporting our engineers, building new environments, and improving our corporate on-premise and SaaS infrastructure for users in a multi-cloud environment. This is a hands-on role that will take on projects that you have the opportunity to own from planning to implementation. We design and maintain the infrastructure Lookout uses to support our internal teams across all areas of the business - Engineering, Sales, HR, Security, and others. Wed love to have you bring your experience and perspective to a team and organization that is growing, maturing, and working together to make mobile devices safe and secure.

About You:

  • Have 5 - 7 years working experience in a professional IT environment.
  • Are comfortable with GCP & AWS infrastructure (Compute / EC2, Storage / S3, Network  / VPC, IAM, Cloud DNS / Route 53).
  • Have significant experience and knowledge in managing and troubleshooting macOS and Linux environments. 
  • Are familiar with at least one scripting language (Bash, Python, Ruby, Powershell, etc).
  • Are familiar working with configuration management and infrastructure-as-code tools. 
  • Are familiar using APIs to integrate services and applications 
  • Have solid networking fundamentals (OSI model, routing, subnets, etc.).
  • Approach projects and problems with a Security First mindset.
  • Can handle a project in a team or individual scenario. 
  • Are organized and able to shift tasks as priorities evolve. 
  • Are a pro at writing documentation. 

Nice to Have:

  • Familiarity with developer tools (Github, Jenkins, etc) and general CI/CD workflows.
  • Experience with containerized workloads (Docker, ECS, Kubernetes, etc) 
  • Experience with Okta / SSO / identity provider integrations.

Employee Testimonials

Alex Gladd - Lookout Employee
Alex Gladd
Forward Deployed Engineer, Sales

Why is what you do important?

I think protecting people as they use their mobile devices on a daily basis is important. I don’t think I would go a day without having my device with me and I don’t really know anybody who would these days. I think today there’s more exposure to attacks and compromises than ever before, for both people and organizations. I also love supporting our team. There’s an awful lot of work that needs to be done and a limited number of people with the right skillset out there... READ FULL EMPLOYEE SPOTLIGHT

Heinzel Factora - Lookout Employee
Heinzel Factora
Staff Technical Program Manager

What is one of your favorite projects you’ve worked on at Lookout?

I’ve been really lucky because I’ve worked on a lot of projects in my time here, but the last big program I worked on was our Mobile Threat Protection launch to the public. It’s one of my favorites because when I joined the team, it was only made up of eight or nine people. Now, that team has grown to around 40 people with four different Scrum teams, and I got to be there through that growth. It was an opportunity to really shape the team and the product.This was a brand new, and very important project and product for us. Alongside the team, I got to identify what Mobile Threat Protection would look like in terms of features and functionality set, and helped determine the schedule and drove the delivery... READ FULL EMPLOYEE SPOTLIGHT

Stephanie Shupe - Senior Software Engineer at Lookout
Stephanie Shupe
Senior Software Engineer

How has your team helped you or what is one of your favorite memories/anecdotes from the team?

One of the biggest skills my team helped me learn was testing. I hadn’t gotten into a habit of code testing when I first came out of my boot camp program years ago. I had done a little bit of it, but my team, and Lookout, really demands that code work as well as possible before it ever gets into quality assurance’s hands. They helped me set up tests, which changed the way I looked at writing my code. Here’s how it works: the product team gives us the expectations for that product or feature. You take those expectations and write them into your test. Effectively your code is going to fail all of those expectations at first, but then one by one you make them pass and can rest at the end knowing that your project works the way you wanted. It’s not a complete failsafe, but it’s a cool method of writing code that I learned solidly from my team. The nice thing is, Lookout’s whole engineering organization uses the same kind of methodology, so if you transfer teams like I did, you can carry your coding practice with you. That’s something I’m really thankful for....READ FULL EMPLOYEE SPOTLIGHT