Blissfully: IT Director
35 E 19th St, 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10003


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We believe in a cloud-first IT world, where companies can deploy and use powerful software without having to worry about a ton of IT configuration. We have built amazing software to help companies manage all their SaaS products. In addition to that, we're are building out complementary services for companies that need more hands on help to manage their IT, especially the parts that can't be moved to the cloud, like office networks and workstation management.

Responsibilities and Ideal background 
- We're looking for someone who is excited about the SaaS / cloud IT transformation that we are in the midst of, and wants to help companies accelerate that. 
- You must have lots of experience managing, deploying, and migrating to SaaS, ideally across different company sizes. 
- You should have experience managing wired + wireless networks, with Meraki experience a plus. 
- High proficiency in managing and deploying cloud based security and authentication platforms like Okta, OneLogin and Ping. 
- Experience managing Windows Active Directory and migrating those to cloud based IAM. 
- Experience with overall cloud IT and migrating key operational infrastructure to the cloud. 
- Bonus if you can code, or have experience with code, even if not fully proficient

Why Join? 
You'll be joining on the ground floor in super interesting business, in the midst of massive transitions, touching many parts of the business. As an early team member you'll have lots of career opportunities as company grows, plus an opportunity to help drive key strategic decisions.