TripAdvisor: Investigator, Trust & Safety

Investigator, Trust & Safety

In order to provide our users with the most relevant and helpful information for their travels, it is vital to detect and prevent fraudulent or otherwise biased content from being published to our site. This is no small task, as we receive over 250 submissions a minute! To safeguard the integrity of content published to our site, TripAdvisor is seeking candidates to join our Trust & Safety team as an Investigator.

This role is aimed at individuals who have experience in the world of content fraud or similar investigative roles. Working alongside the rest of our Investigations team in addition to our Legal, Public Relations, and Engineering teams, Investigators are an integral part of our continuing efforts to ensure that TripAdvisor provides only the best-unbiased content to visitors to our site.

Why this job is excellent

Staying one-step ahead of fraudsters requires forethought, dynamic problem-solving abilities, and passion. Combine that with our cutting-edge anti-fraud technology and tried-and-true investigative techniques and youll quickly discover how our team continues to be impactful and successful in connecting the dots, monitoring suspicious account behaviour, and following up on leads from our large, global team in order to keep TripAdvisor the best source for traveller information on the internet.

What you will do

  • Take initiative to prevent, detect, and remove biased and fraudulent content from the site through consistent decision-making on high-risk content
    Conduct and perform a variety of investigation types to identify risk and exposure
    Act as a self-starter in the identification and classification of high-risk user-generated reviews, members, and properties via the use of social media and digital forensics investigations
    Leverage knowledge of existing patterns of fraudulent behaviour to enhance TripAdvisors fraud detection system, backing up your suggestions with data analysis and a particular focus on ways to automate actions
    Identify and implement new rules and filters that prevent biased content from ever being posted to our site
    Address escalated issues from our global team, take decisive actions, and thoroughly document your findings
    Liaise with multiple teams including Public Relations, Legal, and Engineering on particular cases and projects
    Correspond with and educate property owners and users around our fraud policies
    Develop and maintain training documentation to facilitate the adoption of effective and consistent policies and procedures across our global team
    Drive execution of projects and product ideas to increase the efficiency of tools, enhance automation, and improve quality using relevant metrics
    Identify, quantify, and articulate impact and resolutions of bugs and other improvements
    Use SQL queries to track key metrics, analyze content trends, and proactively surface suspicious content for further inspection
    Mentor and train Investigations team members

What you will bring to the team

  • 4+ years of relevant professional experience
    University degree or equivalent experience required
    Fluency in English required and a second EU Language desired
    Strong attention to detail with excellent time management, prioritization and multitasking skills
    Sound judgment with the capacity to resolve complex problems and make decisions based on potential impact to the business
    Strong communication skills and a talent for collaboration across a global team at all levels of the company
    Ability to work independently, with little oversight
    A passion for innovation with the ability to proactively drive projects both individually and with your colleagues
    Flexibility and adaptability, particularly in a changing, fast-paced, and often ambiguous work environment
    Results-oriented, with ability to use feedback and metrics to improve future performance
    Strong execution skills with a focus on speed and efficiency of results
    A deep understanding of KPIs and how theyre used to improve team performance
    Experience with SQL and/or business intelligence tools, such as Tableau, strongly preferred.