Inside Sales Rep
250 Summer Street
Boston, MA 02210


Are you interested in selling a product made by the best development team in Boston? Would you like to have support from a world class marketing leader? Do you think you can be the best sales rep at our company?

Our ISRs are responsible for closing 5-10 new businesses per month at mid-market companies with approximately 20-500 employees. We are an early stage company and do not have our sales playbook completely figured out. This means we need adaptable ISRs who can change and improve their pitch as we learn what works best. Don’t expect to have every step of the sales process laid out for you, we expect you to have no excuses and figure out how to get new customers onboard. This is a great way to build your sales career while working cross functionally with marketing and product as well as working for an excellent executive leadership team with billion-dollar IPO experience.
The best candidates will have a track record of achievement, excellent communication skills, the ability and desire to work in a fast-paced environment, a positive attitude that doesn’t waver in the face of rejection on a daily basis, and the motivation and drive to win. Sales experience is required, and we are open to both experienced closing reps and top performing BDRs from great companies applying.