CyberArk: Information Security Analyst

Job Description:

CyberArk is looking for an experienced Information Security Analyst professional to join the team. In this role, the Information security analyst will lead the preparation and the implementation of necessary information security policies, standards, procedures and guidelines.



  • Take reactive and proactive actions against cyber-threats
  • Research, simulate and, with approval, run penetration tests using publicly available and proprietary tools
  • Lead security projects with other security and R&D groups
  • Develop and maintain lab environments to asses new security threats
  • Continuously research new attack vectors and techniques
  • Take part in product security reviews with R&D and product management teams



  • 2+ years of experience in security analysis or related field
  • Strong understanding of security principles, policies and industry best practices
  • Networking knowledge – understand networking essentials, data flows, architecture, ports and protocols, wireless, etc.
  • General operating system knowledge– Solid understanding and practical experience in various flavors of Windows and Linux, OS configuration, file system structures, OS components, mobile operating systems etc. 
  • Experience in leading security analysis project/team independently for the full project lifecycle
  • Scripting/coding experience (Python, Perl, Ruby, Bash, PowerShell, .NET, HTML5, PHP etc.) for developing, extending or modifying exploits, shellcode or exploit tools
  • Hands-on experience in static and dynamic malware analysis
  • An aptitude for technical writing, including assessment reports, presentations and operating procedures
  • Excellent problem solving/analytical skills.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to work simultaneously on several projects

Why We Work Here

Casey Mandrioli
Inside Sales Representative

“Working at CyberArk is great because it is such a friendly environment.  Everybody knows one another and is supportive of the whole CyberArk team.  I always know that I have so many people that can help and teach me and that all want me to succeed.  CyberArk is a fun place to work because everyone truly enjoys working here.”

Ethan Ben-Joseph
Security Consultant

“The greatest asset that CyberArk offers as an employer is its bold culture that focuses on teamwork and providing incredible service to CyberArk customers across the globe. No matter the challenge, we work confidently every day knowing that we have amazing teammates always ready to jump in with their expertise and experience.”

Dganit Keidar
Software Engineer, R&D

“Being a CyberArker is awesome. You feel it in the great atmosphere that "runs down the corridors". You feel it in the company's high commitment to professionalism. You feel it, because you've got amazing co-workers and you feel the unique "DNA" of CyberArk, that makes it so very special.”

Lavi Lazarovitz
Cybersecurity Researcher

“I work at CyberArk because I believe that if you do something, be the best at it, and CyberArk is the best when it comes to cybersecurity. CyberArk allows you to bring your ideas to life and learn something new from your peers on a daily basis. CyberArk is built on the idea that people are your greatest asset and you can feel the strong culture on a daily basis.”