: Head of Data Engineering, Enrichment
66 Church Street
Cambridge, MA 02138

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Company description

Tamrs cloud-native data mastering solutions use machine learning to do the heavy lifting to consolidate, cleanse, and categorize data, with intuitive human feedback workflows to bridge the gap between data and business outcomes. Built to scale with cloud-native capabilities for the leading cloud providers, machine learning to accelerate time-to-insights and data initiatives, and APIs for effective integration with new and existing pipelines, Tamr is the foundation for modern DataOps companies.

Tamr is trusted by industry leaders like Blackstone, Google, GSK, and Toyota to power analytic insights and drive operational efficiency. With a co-founding team led by Andy Palmer (founding CEO of Vertica) and Mike Stonebraker (Turing Award winner) and backed by founding investors NEA and GV, Tamr is transforming how companies get value from their data.

Job Description

We are looking for a technical leader to drive the development of our enrichment offering. You will be responsible for architecting and developing the data pipeline & required tooling. As the product matures, you will be responsible for developing and scaling the data engineering team. We are looking for someone with experience developing a data product, with specific expertise in ML & modern DataOps tools/techniques.


  • Run and manage a world-class team of data engineering talent
  • Recruit and train a team of data engineers to scale the offering
  • Identify the data sources to curate based on a defined set of target attributes
  • Establish the architecture for curating data from the web and 3rd party sources into a handful of data products for key business entities (e.g., companies, people, parts)
  • Develop the tooling required to execute on the defined architecture
  • Establish a high standard of data quality and freshness, consistent with Tamrs overall positioning in the market
  • Collaborate with Tamrs ML team, raising the bar on our ML capabilities across-the-board
  • Integrate commercial datasets into our product framework for enrichment


  • Youve developed data products at scale, and done it using modern tools & techniques
  • Youve lead the architecture, design and delivery of complex data pipelines for unstructured, web-based data.
  • Experience mentoring other technical team members is required. Management experience desired.

Additional Information

This position is available in Cambridge MA.

Tamr provides equal employment opportunities (EEO) to all employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, age, disability, genetic information, marital status, amnesty, or status as a covered veteran in accordance with applicable federal, state and local laws.


Employee Testimonials

Rashi Verma
DataOps Engineer

What I enjoy most at Tamr is the ability to work in a supportive environment with extremely talented and friendly people on challenging problems that are fun and fulfilling to solve.

Sharon Roth
Senior Product Designer

I have never been surrounded by so many smart people who aren't afraid to laugh at themselves. That mix of passion and humility is hard to find.

Emma Wheeler
People Operations Associate

Even though I have only been at Tamr for 5 months, I see everyday how deeply and passionately each team member cares and believes in our mission. Each person here is extremely mission-driven and willing to do whatever it takes to make Tamr successful. It's an honor getting to work with such kind, dedicated, and intelligent people on a daily basis!

Larry Simmons
Chief Customer Officer

The team at Tamr is incredible, they hold me to a higher standard as much I do them. We do things that have never been done before, and that isn't something I have said many places in my career.

Sohaiyla Khalili
Product Marketing Manager

I enjoy being challenged every day while thoroughly enjoying the kind and intelligent people I work with.

Mingo Sanchez
Sales Engineer

It's often said that when you're the smartest person in the room, you're probably in the wrong room. Luckily, that's never a problem for me at Tamr! I'm surrounded by brilliant people who are always looking for ways to help me grow. Everyone here is so capable and willing to share their knowledge and experience with others.

Nik Bates-Haus
Lead Architect

For me, the most telling thing is that when I've been out of the office for a few days, whether for business travel or PTO, I miss the interaction with my coworkers and want to come back.

Lisa Skinner
Head of Growth

I love the fact that we are helping large brands solve age old problems in a new way. Everyone is super excited to be part of this journey - the energy in the office is very motivating!