: Genomic Data Manager
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Employee Testimonials

Inari Employee testimonial
Christopher Bagley Sr. Director HTP Design


About the role

We are looking for a highly motivated and skilled scientist to join Inari Agriculture. As a Genomic Data Manager, you will manage, produce and integrate different genomic data sets which will support the characterization of genetic diversity in agricultural species and the identification of genetic targets for crop improvement. You will work at the interface of the Inari Science, Products and Engineering teams to coordinate the requests from the project leaders, define the best sequencing strategy and providers, assess the quality of the genetic and genomic data produced, provide structural and functional annotations of the genome sequences and ensure the data are stored and accessible to all scientists at Inari.  

The outcomes you will deliver will serve projects supporting trait development strategy, as well as the Inari Product Development pipeline. 

As a Genomic data manager, you will...

Manage our genomic and genetic resource needs by:

  • Working directly with project leads and project teams to understand their genomic and genetic data needs and the best strategy for data production or integration
  • Identifying overlapping or common needs across projects and/or teams to ensure strategic generation of genomic and genetic resources in the most efficient way possible

Produce genetic and genomic data sets by:

  • Working with external and internal sequencing/genotyping platforms to produce the data requested in a timely fashion and with quality
  • Coordinating seed germination, tissue sampling and processing, with the different teams
  • Developing SOPs that account for each step of the process, including sending and receiving material, information, and results to and from providers
  • Performing quality control steps of incoming data using existing computational pipelines

Integrate genetic and genomic data sets by:

  • Managing the tracking, receipt, quality control, and proper storage of all genomic and genetic data created at Inari and received by Inari
  • Establishing and managing a pipeline for structural and functional annotation and manual curation efforts that may be required 
  • Collaborating with Engineering teams to ensure storage of the sequencing and annotation results and provide these to all scientists at Inari efficiently .This includes organizing and registering incoming next generation sequencing data in custom databases
  • Scout for externally produced NGS data sets and integrate if needed 

You bring...

  • A PhD with 2+ years of experience or Masters level education with 5+ years of experience in bioinformatics, computational biology, genomics, or data science with experience in handling physical biological samples
  • A deep understanding of modern genomic data, file types, and the latest sequencing methodologies
  • Strong organizational and project management skills
  • Experience in genome annotation pipelines and manual curation
  • Experience in tracking samples in a database and using Laboratory Information Management Software
  • Ability to think holistically about end-to-end data systems and process of data generation: from sequencing to Extract-Transform-Load, Analysis and Reporting
  • Understanding of SQL and relational databases as well as different types of storage infrastructure on AWS, familiar with dockerizing the pipelines / software tools for production tier analysis on AWS. 
  • Hands on experience working with Python, shell scripting, Git/Github, familiar with R markdown or Jupyter Notebook, building reports and dashboards in a data visualization tool, and experience with open source data warehouse tools.
  • A track record of being a good team player, with the ability to listen and understand the needs of scientific project stakeholders
  • Excellent time management and organizational skills
  • Good communication skills, both written and oral
  • Strong multitasking capabilities and attention to detail 




Employee Testimonials

Inari Employee testimonial
Karl Kremling
Data Scientist

I came to Inari because of the great opportunity in Cambridge to combine data science and the best molecular biology in the world.

Christopher Bagley Sr. Director HTP Design
Christopher Bagley
Sr. Director HTP Design

I am excited to have an impact on making those big fields even more productive.

Chris Bischke Inari Testimonial
Chris Bischke
Software Engineer

I never saw myself in agriculture, but when talking to the scientists here I could see the opportunity to help build computational platforms that supports a company mission that feeds the world. When I started interviewing I saw the potential for building new things at the intersection of engineering & data science -- that is what interested me most

Ruijuan Li Binformatics Scientist
Ruijuan Li
Binformatics Scientist

I joined Inari because on this team I feel I help feed the world.