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Maura Grimes Toast
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As a Full Stack Web Developer you will have an opportunity to develop interactive web pages, assist in the build out of Toasts new Blog, work on an e-commerce platform, manage and optimize our dev stack and production pipelines, build SPAs, and develop Craft CMS plugins. The idea candidate will have experience building interactive web pages, have experience developing websites on a PHP-based CMS, have experience in AWS and managing a dev ops stack, and have experience working with other teams within marketing to deliver on cross-team marketing goals.

While it is critically important to understand the how as a front-end developer on the marketing web team, it is equally important to understand the why behind the projects you will be working on. Youre a perfect fit for this role if you are a detail-oriented problem solver, who can work and contribute to the marketing team not only as a developer, but as a resource to help provide feedback and insights into how we can help deliver on company wide goals.

What you will do:

  • Back end coding (Twig and PHP) to build integrations between Craft CMS (primarily) and other business systems.
  • Manage our dev ops stack, optimize content delivery, and manage site performance.
  • Responsive front-end coding in HTML 5, CSS 3, Javascript, Vue.js, React.js
  • Communicating with other web developers to collaborate effectively
  • Collaborating with marketing team members to clarify requirements and obtain feedback

Do you have the right ingredients?

  • PHP Ability to produce clean, object-oriented code, include files, grab get/post variables and manipulate form data.
  • CMS Experience having integrated website designs with a CMS on at least 5 previous projects
  • HTML5 & CSS3 Some experience coding designs and layouts to a high standard, using media queries, and building robust layouts that work across devices and all major browsers
  • Javascript the ability to write custom Javascript functions, event handlers, and AJAX requests
  • Ability to communicate clearly and professionally
  • Understanding of AWS infrastructure and managing high availability server deployments.
  • Strong understanding of web application security principles and best practices
  • Strong knowledge of git, and an understanding of code repository best practices
  • Ability to accurately estimate the time required for a project and keep to timelines

Employee Testimonials

Maura Grimes Toast
Maura Grimes
Field Service Coordinator

"Ahh toast is awesome! The people, the culture, the bouncy balls, the crazy customers, the killer POS system, and the incredible talent floating through the air. "

Edmund Korley Toast
Edmund Korley
Software Engineer

"I've been participating in the Toast2Toast mentoring project. As a relatively new engineer at Toast, getting the opportunity to discuss technical (and other) topics with a mentor has been really valuable."

Kendal Austin Toast
Kendal Austin
Sr. Marketing Manager

"I have a degree in Marketing Communications and have worked in B2B technology my entire career. My background ranges from social media to paid programs to product marketing. I heard about Toast from a mentor and was connected with the co-founder on LinkedIn. As the second Marketing hire at Toast, I've had the opportunity to be a generalist as well as a specialist, moving where I was needed as the team grew."

Archie Grace Toast
Archie Grace
Engineering Manager

"I looked at a lot of start-ups during my last job search and Toast was by far the most exciting. It was instantly obvious to me how the product is useful to people and why someone might want to buy it. The proof of that has been in the way we have grown and the excitement we have already generated. However, what really excites me about the company is that I feel like we are just scratching the surface in terms of what we can accomplish. There are SO many untapped opportunities around our product and as we continue to grow, I am excited about being able to explore them more.​"