Threat Stack: Full Stack Engineer
55 Summer Street
Boston, MA 02210

Threat Stack enables DevOps and SecOps teams to innovate and scale security by providing full-stack security observability from the control plane up to the application layer. Purpose-built for todays infrastructure, the Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform and Cloud SecOps Program combine cloud-optimized intrusion defense, continuous security monitoring, and proactive risk assessment to help security and operations teams detect security incidents, achieve compliance, and secure infrastructure in transition.

At Threat Stack, were building a continuous monitoring platform specifically targeted at the challenges of cloud security for elastic infrastructure. Our platform gives our customers deep visibility into their systems behaviors and helps to identify potentially anomalous actions of users and processes.

Our web application is built in React and Node.js, with a powerful back-end leveraging several high-scale platforms. Were looking to expand to additional technologies and toolkits as our data visualization and event processing needs scale. We expect you to be psyched about learning new languages and platforms quickly, and passionate about finding the right solution for the job.

Come join us in building the future of cloud security.

What We Offer

  • Weve built a lot, but our scale challenges will keep coming and were continuously improving how we can better handle data streams and make them useful to end-users. Youll be directly influencing and building software that helps users understand their own systems through this data.
  • A cohesive Engineering team where software and infrastructure engineers work side-by-side as we release new code, resolve bottlenecks, and improve our reliability and scalability.
  • A team that is committed to continuous delivery practices, and continually learning as we grow.

What Youll Do

  • Build front-end components that help our customers configure their own security signals
  • Leverage and improve back-end APIs that power our website
  • Utilize our build pipelines for shipping code quickly
  • Leave behind a codebase thats in better shape than when you found it

What Were Looking For

  • Experience with web development using JavaScript or React
  • Experience with a programming language like Java or C++
  • Experience with server-side technologies
  • Someone that puts a value on his/her code quality and tests it

What Gets Us Extra Excited to Talk to You

  • Focus on reducing unnecessary cruft in code and in builds
  • Experience styling using SASS, LESS or similar tools
  • Passion for optimizing a web page for browser performance
  • You value maintainable code and use tools (eslint, webpack, etc) to facilitate that
  • If you have opinions on React or Angular, you can put those aside to solve a problem